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with Patricia Hofmann and Harold van der Horst, Marketing Experts

 1. Who will Intershop inpulse be interesting for?

Patricia: It requires teams of different expertise to be successful in e-commerce:  experts of sales, marketing, IT and commerce managers and developers. That's why we'll make them feel welcome at the inpulse 2019!  We will take the teams of customers and partners on a journey of inspiration, with innovative commerce strategies, customer insights and technological excellence. Every participant will profit and participate  by exciting interactive formats and lectures. We believe that our motto “Turn Good into Great” reflects that. It is nothing only one person in a company can achieve alone, instead it's an all-hands thing to really turn your business from good to great.

Harold: We want to make sure to support our customers in getting the most out of their investment in Intershop’s commerce solutions. That's why this event is a joined initiative organized together with 25 of our European business partners. Many of our customers will present and share their expertise, challenges and lessons learned and discuss them openly, to learn from and help each other, to gain new insights.”


2. This is the first time that “Raise the bar” and “inpulse” are merged. Why did you make this decision?

Harold: Commerce is so international, our customers conquer the world with their shops. So, the event needed to become more international as well and that’s why we merged both successful events into one. We will turn two good events into one great international event! Attendees now benefit from broader international experiences and insights of customers from other regions, to accelerate their online growth. With the Intershop inpulse 2019 we will strengthen and extend the exchange of knowledge between our customers. And it will be surprising and fun as well!


3. What is your line-up and what are their topics?

Patricia: We have a great international line-up of speakers, for example Mister Spex. With their impressing growth rate, they are a great example of a company that turned online sales from good into great. Furthermore, we’ll have our customer RAI talk about “heavenly digital experience for customers”. But there is much more. We will have Jane Gao and Travis Wright from Microsoft on site, as well as Jerome Ciszewski (Lyreco), Roel van Alebeek (Daily Fresh Food), Antti Ala-Nikula (Alko oY), Andreas Waidelich (Häfele), Anoop Vasisht (Dynamic Yield), and Bastian Beie (Block Handels GmbH) sharing and discussing their insightful experiences.

Harold: All essential topics are being covered from a practical customer perspective, among which omnichannel commerce, AI, marketplaces, personalization, customer experience, migration, performance improvement, Progressive Web Apps, micro services, digital customer portal and much more. And of course, there are still some secrets kept…!


4. How will networking be supported? How many visitors are expected?

Patricia: We expect around 200-250 cross-departmental and international participants. To ensure everyone is having a great time and gains maximum benefits, the agenda offers interactive sessions where attendees meet and discuss around specific topics and continue talks during generous breaks, including a great dinner and of course the inpulse Cyber Night event. Visitors also can discuss and exchange ideas with Intershop executives and experts of our product management and development teams. The event location provides separate spaces, so that smaller groups can discuss specific topics in more detail. There are ideas to digitize networking, too.


5. What’s the role of the Intershop partners?

Harold: The Intershop partner ecosystem is strong. There are companies that have been working with Intershop for more than 20 years already, but new synergies are still gained every day. This is why the event is being organized in cooperation with about 25 business and solution partners, who add value, innovations, new insights, specific knowledge and solutions from all over Europe. Our partners contribute with a range of presentations. Our joined customers will share their strategies that proved most efficient, share lessons learned and of course, current areas for improvement will be discussed.


6. Anything more to add? Do you have a very personal note?

Patricia: “Let’s Turn Good Into Great” is not just a claim for us. We know that our customers and partners are able to support and inspire one another. This event will support them in that. Everyone is able to evolve, getting better than yesterday or last week. Personally, I am looking forward to have all those amazing personalities together at one place. This is where inspiration happens. And of course, the after-work party is something I look forward to!

Harold: The Intershop team is getting more excited everyday while preparing for inpulse 2019. We can’t wait meeting you in Dusseldorf and to put our customers in the spotlight to share their exciting experiences.

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