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  1. How’s business going in the Nordics? How digital mature do you think Denmark is for example compared to other nations?

In Denmark, e-commerce 2018 has seen another strong year with double digit growth and mobile now representing a fifth of sales. The fact that Amazon is now setting up its infrastructure in the Nordics creates uncertainty among the existing players, although sales has gone already to the American trailblazer also without their physical presence.

Our existing customers respond by building extra warehousing capacity and establishing new relationships with logistic partners to outsource the operation of it. Intershop supports them in expanding their footprint by enabling new brands, new countries and new verticals to be launched. Rockwool is one of them. All in all there is a good momentum in the market.

  1. Denmark´s e-commerce players will get together awarding the handelsprisen on May, 23. Besides the glamorous gala, what can participants expect?

The 2019 event is dedicated to celebrate the 25th anniversary of e-commerce. Intershop is a pioneer in this market from the start. So, our COO Markus Klahn will share a few anecdotes and thoughts about where this market has come from, the milestones marking the way so far, and where we think it will develop to. The evening will be great mixture of indulging in memories, celebrating achievements and getting charged up for translating ideas into business.

  1. Speaking of what is ahead: which trend do you find most interesting these days? Will AI revolutionize e-commerce?

In terms of technology, yes, AI will certainly help recommendations be more relevant for example, thus improving the personalization effect of online shops. I don´t see the full potential of AI unfold yet though, until the privacy issues of customers are addressed well enough. Also, customers need to further embrace cloud operations in order to leverage the new powers in terms of data availability and analysis. When it comes to touchpoints, mobile will undoubtedly grow further - also in B2B, as the millennials, those seemingly born with mobile phones attached to them, begin their working life. An increasing number of B2B firms now grows to realize the competitive advantage of an online presence.

  1. Back to Denmark´s e-commerce award - who is your secret favorite and why?

I will be especially interested in the “best omnichannel” category, as this is what we at Intershop strive to support. It is the most challenging and rewarding e-commerce approach in my eyes. I will also watch out for best B2B and B2C, or course, and certainly won't forget “best app”, some of which I frequently use. We hope to bring Rockwool to the event, so that they get a feel of what it could be like to be on the stage next year!

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