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Since Microsoft and Intershop joined hands, customers can benefit from many advantages. The most important one: the ultimate customer journey. We asked Microsoft’s Estelle Delessard, Marketing Manager Dynamics 365 France, all about it.

What are key benefits to Microsoft Dynamics 365 users?

ED: The cooperation between Microsoft and Intershop results in innovative solutions for our clients. With Intershop Commerce Suite, we can offer our Dynamics 365 users the ultimate customer journey. This e-commerce-solution leads to growth, efficiency and customer loyalty. Furthermore, Intershop uses Microsoft's cloud technology in their Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution, which is of great value to our customers as well.”

The software is low-maintenance. And because there is a common strategy underlying it, the customer does not have to worry about unplanned technology and release changes. Other benefits are the high performance and quick and riskless integration into customers IT-landscapes. Many organizations already benefit from this partnership, such as Alkor and Rajapack.

Companies have different levels of digital maturity. How can Microsoft and Intershop help these companies to reach the next-level of digital commerce?

ED: Intershop’s flexible Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering helps companies to achieve success in e-commerce quickly. It guarantees agility and low-risk without having to build up own resources. It does not matter whether their e-commerce activities are on a high level already and still ambitious to grow, or that they have just begun exploring e-commerce. It is possible to start small, with low-risk and little investment. As they expand their business, enter new regions, introduce new business models or add new brands, they can easily scale-up. Companies that already have a commerce solution and would like to expand and improve their digital business, can be supported at replatforming.”

What makes the Paris Retail Week worth the visit?

ED: It is essential for companies in the digital-first economy to now take action to be different from other companies. We invite them to visit our booth at the Paris Retail Week. Together with Intershop and Stibo Systems we will demonstrate our end-to-end commerce solution and show how we can help companies make the transformation that the digital revolution requires. Also, we have planned an exciting workshop on September 11 at 16.00 (Room 3): The Contribution of Artificial Intelligence to B2B e-commerce. I am really looking forward to the event.
Read the Whitepaper on Intershop and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to understand the full potential.