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13_tenminutes_with_jeromemorlon-3 10 minutes with Jérôme Morlon, partner at Next Content

On 20 November 2018, Paris will be all about e-commerce during Les Enjeux Innovation B2B. This day, 200 decision makers in B2B organizations can meet, exchange experiences and listen to innovative small players and worldwide companies about their digital transformation journey. Five questions to Jérôme Morlon, partner at Next Content, initiator of the event and Partner Sales Manager Toufik Boudellal from Intershop, supporting the event as a B2B-commerce specialist.

What is the importance of an event that is focused specifically on B2B and digital?

Morlon: “At NextContent we specialize in research and content production for targeted digital communities. Our goal is to deliver essential information on e-commerce and digital transformation to inform and support decision makers in key digital and digital related positions within wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. A way to inform these people is by organizing this event. We see that in B2B, there is a great need for better and focused content aimed at the specific challenges within B2B.

Is that the case in all of Europe or does it apply to France in particular?

Morlon: “France is rapidly bridging the small gap with Germany and the UK for instance. I believe that this event can give B2B e-commerce a boost, by discussing challenges, sharing ideas and energy and developing relationships.”

Boudellal: “It is obvious – not only in France but worldwide – that B2C and B2B have completely different business models, processes and challenges. However, various best practices found in B2C are also applicable to B2B. An example: more and more B2B customers expect the same user experience they get when ordering at Amazon. For example, they feel the need for cross-selling, wish lists, recommendation, features that they experienced as B2C consumer. Ordering by phone and fax will soon be over for many types of transactions. Besides these similarities there are a lot of specific challenges, needs and functionalities within B2B which are interesting to talk about.”

What is the theme of this year’s event?

Morlon: “This year, the event is organized for the third time. In 2016, the event focused on overcoming strategic and operational challenges in B2B. In 2017 the speakers and activities concentrated on user experience and marketplaces. This year, we will take it a step further by putting improvement of digital performance in the spotlight. We will talk about technology use cases, but also about organizational challenges and how to enhance conversion and grow online.”

What can attendees expect to learn during this event?

Boudellal: “The event is a meeting point for decision makers in B2B e-commerce. On November 20, they can exchange experiences, share their learnings and listen to and discuss with successful B2B players, like Engie, Amazon and UPS. There will be digital presentations, where ideas are shared about customer autonomy and digital care, customer journey and user experiences.

Morlon: “Also, Sonepar will be present, a worldwide wholesaler in electrical material. They are an independent family run business that was founded in 1969. Their biggest challenge was the fact that they are a B2B2B business; they sell their products to distributors who, in their turn, have their own B2B customers. Sonepar used Intershop Commerce Suite to make their e-commerce a success. Their story about their digital transformation is very inspiring.”

What makes the event unique?

Morlon: “In short, most of the events organized around the theme of B2B are about selling and buying. Not this event which is about sharing use cases, experiences and is focused on content. Les Enjeux Innovation B2B is a chance for about 150 decision makers to network, to meet, to learn from each other. It is a unique opportunity for specifically targeted decision makers communities to meet. When people leave the event at the end of the day, their heads will be full of positive ideas about how to take the next step in e-commerce in their own business.”