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The transition from on-site sales via sales reps to online sales in B2B commerce is not a sales or marketing project - this requires attention from all departments. Agile project management, however, can make this transition smooth. In this article, our partners De Nieuwe Zaak share their expertise in 6 lessons learned.


Agile is for all the teams

Agile project management can be the ideal basis for cooperation and development. The method has proven its success and is already used by many organizations. However, it should not be limited to engineering departments. Your entire organization must participate in order to generate the most benefits. Marketing, HR, logistics - they all need to understand how to work agile and apply it if possible. 

Inform the stakeholders 

In order to make the online shop an integral part of the organization, higher management (for commitment and resources), sales and marketing, logistics, and HR must participate, so it is necessary to provide regular updates to those stakeholders. This can be done via the agile methods (via demos, for example) or monthly roadmap meetings. When you explain difficult development issues, make sure you do it in a way that the business implications become clear.  

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Collaboration means: all departments  

Your organizational culture and mindset are crucial for good collaboration between all departments involved in your digital transformation. And that includes more departments than you might initially think. From day one, you need to connect the sales, marketing and logistics departments in your transition to an agile mindset.

This way, you ensure that the touchpoints that your customer has with your organization are consistent. This includes contact with the account manager, online shop, online and offline marketing, and the possibilities in the field of logistics. Also try to define objectives together, for example, by including the turnover of the online shop in the sales objectives. And don’t forget to celebrate successes as a team!

Innovating in an existing organization  

There is a big difference between a new organization that started as an online B2B shop and a traditional organization that is going through a transition. It can be a challenge to convince people that the further development of e-commerce is necessary to take advantage of the growth potential.

Nothing is hindering growth more than saying: “But it's going well as it is!”. It can be helpful to share small successes and show evidence that e-commerce helps. And remember: not everything has to be changed at once. Small steps are also steps, as long as they’re in the right direction.  

Resourcing: The right or the best people  

Only with the right people in the right place you can take maximum advantage of their capabilities to grow. Therefore, HR plays an important role in hiring, training, coaching and assessing people. Pay a lot of attention in your hiring policy to the fit with the organization and the mindset of people, and let HR join the business roadmap session. 

Make smart use of logistics  

Research shows that business buyers compare online shops not only on price and quality, but also on logistics aspects. Logistics is an essential link in the journey from mouse click to the shipment destination. By offering the business purchaser flexibility in delivery via expedited shipping and/or choice of delivery time and place, you can grow in e-commerce.

Delivery options have led to an increase in conversion among the customers and partners of De Nieuwe Zaak. They have also experimented with free delivery to increase the average order value. These logistics options can help to achieve growth, but it is important to look carefully at what your customers need and what the goals of your organization are for now and in the future.

Another way to grow is through drop shipment. As an online shop, you can grow more easily with this, because the logistics process lies with the supplier. 

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