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In order to be successful in B2B e-commerce, it is good to take a closer look at B2C web shops. Their areas of personalization, interaction and search functions are what makes them desirable for consumers, and so they become a standard for how you to present yourself online.

So what are the most important functionalities of B2C web shops that make your online B2B shop more customer friendly?

  1. Websites that are personalized and can be adapted in real time to the purchasing behavior of the visitor. This is the core of the way B2C sites master their transformation.
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  2. Intelligent decision support. Advanced filtering techniques and recommendations increase the average order value through cross-selling and up-selling. In this context, additional services are important for B2B increase profit.
  3. Dynamic product catalogs. A static online product catalog is no longer state-of-the-art. The customer wants a relevant assortment that is tailored to his or her needs.
  4. Advanced search. B2B sites usually have a large selection of products, so the search for what you are looking for can be complex. In addition, product data is not always standardized. This requires flexibility so that when a particular search term is replaced by another name, you can react quickly react and never miss a deal.
  5. Self-services, chat bots and instructional videos. Use these tools to help your customers understand the site. This enables quick orientation in the web shop and reduces manual customer service.
  6. User-generated content. Reviews are also popular with B2B buyers to help them choose. So show what others think about your company and your products.

Above all, for running your web shop successfully, keep in mind a digital strategy has many stakeholders. Choosing a (new) e-commerce platform is one aspect, of course. However, it´s important to involve your customers and employees along the way of transformation. Your sales team, for example, may  regard e-commerce as a threat, not recognizing that digital functionality can help them achieve their very own goals better. Maybe, this list of 6 tips to make online- and online-sales work well together can help you to get the by-in.

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