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04-b2b-sales-channels-7e838060 B2B e-commerce comes of age

Digital sales channels are no longer a sideshow, according to the 2016 Intershop E-Commerce Report “Taking the fast track into the digital future of B2B commerce”. More than three-quarters (76%) of the organizations surveyed have implemented a dedicated B2B e-commerce site, with an impressive 39% confirming that their e-commerce store/online self-service tool is the only sales channel on offer.

Operating in the construction, machinery, wholesale, materials and tools sectors, it’s clear that today’s B2B businesses are fully embracing digital marketing and e-commerce platforms as a primary means to interact and transact with buyers.

What’s more, these organizations have proven highly successful at building out an e-commerce presence that resonates with customers. Respondents confirm that 42% of their organization’s revenue is now generated online, on average. This average is consistent across all industry sectors surveyed, with a limited range from 37% (construction machinery) being the lowest and 45% (transporting and warehousing) being the highest average percentage of B2B revenue coming online.

When asked which channels they plan to use to sell products and services in the next 12 months, 71% of organizations say that in addition to utilizing their own e-commerce site, B2B market places such as Alibaba (up from 41% to 49%), social media (growing from 41% to 46%) and mobile shops (up 22% to 32%) were also high on their agenda.

The report goes on to examine the impact of digital business models, who is driving the digital agenda and what all of this means in an increasingly competitive landscape.

This article is based on our 2016's study. You can download the more recent E-Commerce-Report here.