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The "Mechanic Glove Cut Plus" hinders - as the name suggests - cutting yourself on tools or machine parts. It is made of special fibres and reinforced at stressed areas. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, it seems a valid choice.

Gloves are available from Würth in 15 categories, in 199 versions: for installation in winter, for heat protection, for protection in chemistry… you get the picture. In addition, you will also find 74 articles for eye and face protection, 56 for respiratory protection, and the list goes on. A jungle of protective clothing. To make sure the customer is not overwhelmed, Würth not only offers functional descriptions and customer reviews. There is also the PPE manager. For those of you who are not experts in manufacturing, it stands for personal protective equipment. The PPE manager is not a human, but a digital consultant assisting customers in choosing the perfect item. It offers top advice in digital form. An additional service that is impressively valuable.

The PPE manager is just one of around 40 applications from the sector "Planners and Configurators". Looking around, you will also find (among others) an adhesive catcher, and a lashing configurator. By the way, the category "Planners and Configurators" is only one of six in the services bouquet of Würth. Yet, the offerings are clearly sorted. Users feel curious and invited to use them.

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