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Everything that can be converted into data will be converted and everything that can generate data will do so. Companies must deal intelligently with the problems and requirements of the increasingly growing data volumes in order to profit from the concomitant decisive competitive opportunities.

The Digital Evolution to Data Hunters and Collectors

Collecting data is possible and necessary for every company by now. After all, strong positioning and unique customer journeys are elementarily decisive for survival on the market nowadays. Markets are increasingly characterized by uncertainty, complexity, instability and ambiguity. In addition, established business areas are exposed to a variety of disruptions. A correct strategy and emotional as well as cognitive added value for customers are necessary to remain competitive. Data provide the necessary basis for this.

Big Data = Big Problem?

As early as 2015, Forbes had predicted that by 2020, 1.7 megabytes of new information in the form of data would be generated for each person - per second. But only 0.5% of the data is analyzed and thus used. Today, five years later, the potential is still there, even if a large amount of the data is unused. Companies are still faced with three major problems: the amount of data is growing in a short period of time, unstructured data is completely worthless and the goals of the companies regarding the evaluation and further use of the data are insufficiently defined.

Big Data = Big Chances

Data strategy is essential in order to use data sensibly. The data must be analyzed in a structured and goal-oriented way. Using statistical formulas and algorithms, patterns in the data can be recognized and new information generated. These patterns form a valid information base for improvements, the solution of strategic decision problems, the prediction of future events based on probabilities and for better planning. This is the central added value of data strategy for target-oriented consolidation and processing of data.

Big Chances? = BI Data Hub!

Develop and implement your individual data strategy with Intershop's BI Data Hub. Data is the key resource for competitive companies. Business reporting is essential to extract value from it. Intershop's Business Intelligence Data Hub sets the stage for comprehensive insights into your e-commerce, even across your different brands or shops. It is more than website performance analysis. It helps to structure, communicate, enrich the data with meaning and develop data-driven models. With a BI Data Hub, you can increase your operational efficiency and improve your strategic positioning based on the insights you gained.

High Performance Complemented by User-Friendliness

Large amounts of data from multiple sources and in a wide variety of file formats can be integrated into an agile infrastructure by using the BI Data Hub. You will benefit from a very short setup phase and ready-to use templates for e.g. Microsoft Power BI, while user-friendliness is ensured for users from a wide variety of fields. Customer service representatives are enabled to compare the purchasing behavior of customers over different periods of time. E-commerce managers are provided with a dashboard overview of the most important KPIs and sales reports for several brands. The BI Data Hub provides a central management interface so that everyone in the company can access the data suitable for them and exploit its potential.

Business Reporting with Microsoft Power Business Intelligence

Regardless of which business scenario you choose, you can work with the analysis tool of your choice, such as Power BI from Microsoft. Microsoft's Business Intelligence Tool convinces with powerful, up-to-the-minute analysis options, even for large data sets, as well as with diverse options for visualization and reporting for companies. Documents and data sources can be quickly connected, updated and extended.

Additional Benefits of Microsoft Power BI as an Analysis Tool of BI Data Hub:

  • Compression options for large files
  • Artificial intelligence supports the creation of value from data
  • Usability based on the Microsoft Office Suite GUI
  • Corporate Design: Color/brand schemes for consistent visualizations
  • Creation and personalization options for real-time analytics dashboards
  • Cloud-based dashboards and reports
  • Predefined business reporting templates for creating reports
  • Security functions: manage access and editing options

Big Data = Big Chances with Intershop's BI Data Hub

Comprehensive, interactive reports for better business decisions, supported by artificial intelligence, enable you to turn future-oriented thinking into real projects. With business reporting, you gain a better understanding of the market and competition, which you can use to improve your efficiency and competitive positioning. Meet the requirements of datafication intelligently and use the full business potential of Intershop's BI Data Hub:

Download: Fact Sheet Intershop's BI Data Hub