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Success in e-commerce is not achieved in isolation, but through collaborative partnerships. At Intershop, we are proud of our extensive global network of partners, each contributing to the shared successes that make the future of B2B e-commerce.

In the heart of Cologne, on April 18th, 2024, the stage was set for an evening of celebration and recognition at the Intershop Partner Sales Summit. This event represented the pinnacle of a year-long journey market by dedication and innovation, highlighted by the prestigious Intershop Partner Awards ceremony, where we celebrated the outstanding achievements of our partners throughout 2023. Recognized partners have not only exceeded expectations but have also set new benchmarks, driving innovation in their respective fields.

As we prepare to share the highlights from this event, we cannot help but reflect on the fundamental role of partnership and its significance in our collective success. Ronny Höpfner, VP Channel Development, emphasizes: “Our partners are the lifeblood of Intershop, their dedication and hard work are truly commendable. We take great pride in recognizing those whose exceptional commitment and outstanding achievements not only drives their own success but also amplifies Intershop's vision within their respective markets. Their contributions are invaluable, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of them.”

These are the winners of the Intershop Partner of the Year Awards 2023

Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 (North America): DSS Partners

Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 (DACH): signTEK

Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 (France): DATASOLUTION

Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 (Benelux): Fenego

Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 (Southern Europe): Alpenite


Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 (North America):
DSS Partners

For the third consecutive year, DSS Partners has been honored with the esteemed title of Intershop Partner of the Year (NA), further solidifying their position as a powerhouse for enterprise e-commerce projects. Specializing in serving clients across manufacturing, distribution, and retail sectors, DSS Partners is renowned for delivering “best of breed” solutions that drive tangible results.


Headquartered in Chicago, DSS Partners differentiates itself through its unwavering commitment to customer success and relentless pursuit of innovation. A key element contributing to their success is DSS Partners' investment in an Intershop Accelerator Store (DIAS), which allows them to provide clients with unmatched efficiency, product excellence and implementation services.

In 2023, DSS Partners added new prestigious clients to their portfolio such as DBNext and SureWerx. Thanks to their deep industry knowledge and commitment to excellence, DSS Partners continued to realize tremendous growth potential for its clients and deliver transformative solutions that drive businesses forward.

The collective efforts of Intershop and DSS Partners have led to remarkable results for clients such as Highline Warren, KION North America, and Douglas Dynamics. Through these joint efforts, DSS Partners has earned the admiration and respect of clients and industry peers alike.

Congratulations to the entire DSS Partners team for their outstanding achievements and for being named Partner of the Year! We look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership in the years to come.


Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 (DACH): signTEK

signTEK, a pioneering force in the DACH region, has been honored as the Intershop Partner of the Year for 2023 (DACH), showcasing their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in e-commerce solutions. Founded in 2006, signTEK has been dedicated to crafting powerful, tailored solutions for online stores, seamlessly aligning them with individual goals and integrating them into existing infrastructure.


What sets signTEK apart is their customer-centric approach, prioritizing long-term strategic cooperation to better understand and support their clients. With a team of 30 highly qualified IT experts, signTEK has evolved from a two-person operation into a full-service company, equipped to meet the diverse needs of modern e-commerce.

One of signTEK’s standout offerings is a connector that seamlessly integrates SPARQUE.AI, an intelligent search and recommendations engine powered by Intershop, with Shopware e-commerce platforms.

Here are the benefits:

  • Seamless integration: With signTEK's connector, Shopware users can seamlessly integrate SPARQUE.AI into their e-commerce platform. This integration empowers businesses to provide highly personalized shopping experiences driven by advanced AI, enhancing product discovery and recommendation capabilities.

  • Speed of implementation: signTEK's connector minimizes implementation time and effort. Shopware users can quickly leverage the benefits of advanced product discovery and recommendation functionalities, optimizing their e-commerce operations for success.

  • Increased conversions: By leveraging SPARQUE.AI’s powerful AI tools within Shopware, businesses can guide customers towards products that align with their preferences and purchase history. This personalized approach not only improves conversion rates but also fosters greater customer loyalty, driving long-term business growth.

Among signTEK’s and Intershop’s joint customers are Block Group and Gebrüder Frindt, all of whom have benefited immensely from signTEK’s innovative solutions and unparalleled support. As signTEK continues to push the boundaries of e-commerce excellence, their recognition as Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 for the DACH region is a testament to their dedication, expertise, and customer-centric approach. Congratulations to the entire signTEK team for this well-deserved achievement!


Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 (France): DATASOLUTION

Intershop and DATASOLUTION, two industry leaders in e-commerce and digital strategy consulting, proudly celebrate their 20th partnership anniversary in 2024. This milestone not only stands as a testament to the enduring strength of their collaboration but also reaffirms their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients across France and beyond.

Throughout the past two decades, Intershop and DATASOLUTION have consistently exemplified innovation, expertise, and dedication in the e-commerce landscape. Together, they have forged a robust alliance characterized by mutual trust, shared goals, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

DATASOLUTION’s remarkable track record has been honored with numerous Intershop Partner of the Year awards in recent years. Their latest accolade, Intershop Partner of the Year for 2023 (France), underscores their exceptional achievements and their steadfast commitment to delivering innovative solutions and tangible results for clients.


DATASOLUTION’s deep industry knowledge, coupled with their dedication to customer success, has played a pivotal role in driving growth and transformation for clients across various sectors. From Group Advitam and RAJA to Alkor, Giphar, Ekosport, Fiducial, Ophthalmic, Ineo Defense, and Pack Discount, DATASOLUTION’s collaboration with Intershop has contributed to remarkable success stories, reshaping the e-commerce landscape in France.

In 2023, DATASOLUTION achieved yet another significant milestone by winning CFAO as a new Intershop customer. This collaboration with CFAO, a French-based industry leader with a strong presence in Africa, underscores DATASOLUTION's ability to execute complex projects for international customers across the entire value chain.

DATASOLUTION, we look forward to continuing our joint journey of innovation, collaboration, and shared success. Let us remain committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and driving digital transformation for our clients, ushering in a new era of e-commerce excellence!


Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 (Benelux): Fenego

With a rich history of collaboration dating back to 2008, Fenego has consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise and dedication in guiding, implementing, and maintaining high-end B2C and B2B digital commerce solutions for clients across Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, and the Nordics.

What sets Fenego apart is their unwavering commitment to supporting clients throughout every stage of their digital transformation journey. From business strategy and design to implementation and support, Fenego’s dedicated team delivers comprehensive solutions tailored to realize each client’s online sales potential and digital transformation goals. Backed by partnerships with best-of-breed solution vendors, Fenego serves as a single partner capable of managing and implementing entire digital landscapes.

Fenego’s success is reflected in its strong track record and numerous joint customers, including industry giants such as Huisman Equipment, Vanderlande, IGO PROMO, Alpheios, Copaco Nederland, midocean, Daily Fresh Food, MS Schippers, and more. Notably, Fenego’s collaboration with Huisman Equipment resulted in the development of the world’s first service platform in the maritime industry using the Intershop Commerce Platform Iast year. This groundbreaking solution, a testament to Fenego’s technical prowess and innovation, showcases the transformative potential of Intershop’s capabilities in driving business growth and innovation.

Additionally, Fenego's development of the Contentful-Intershop connector further solidifies their position as a leader in digital commerce solutions. This innovative connector streamlines the exchange of product information between Intershop and Contentful, empowering content managers to effortlessly create and manage content about new products and categories. Its benefits include:

  • Simplified integration: With Fenego’s connector, businesses can effortlessly integrate Contentful and Intershop, minimizing the technical complexity typically associated with such integrations. 

  • Future-proofing: With both Contentful and Intershop continuously updating their systems, the connector ensures that the integration remains smooth even in the event of updates to either platform. 

  • Modularity: The Contenful-Intershop connector seamlessly integrates into a composable commerce architecture, allowing it to flexibly cooperate with other e-commerce components.

  • Time saving: Eliminate the need for manual implementations. The connector streamlines processes, allowing your e-commerce team to focus on delivering great products and seamless online experiences to customers. 

  • Intershop PWA readiness: As a platinum partner of Intershop, Fenego has ensured that the headless PWA (Progressive Web App) of Intershop includes the option to integrate Contentful’s content model for the homepage. This provides the flexibility to enhance the content needs for each project.

As Fenego continues to redefine the landscape of digital commerce in the Benelux region and beyond, their recognition as Intershop Partner of the Year for 2023 (Benelux) is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer success. Congratulations to Fenego on this well-deserved accolade! We eagerly anticipate observing their continuous growth and development in the years to come.



Intershop Partner of the Year 2023 (Southern Europe): Alpenite

Alpenite, the innovative consulting firm dedicated to transforming end-to-end customer experiences, has proudly been recognized as the Intershop Partner of the Year for 2023 in Southern Europe. With a steadfast commitment to co-creating extraordinary futures for businesses, Alpenite exemplifies excellence in developing robust digital strategies, designing exceptional digital solutions, and optimizing digital processes to drive tangible business results.

Building upon their success as last year’s recipient of the Intershop Partner of the Year Award, Alpenite continues to lead the charge in digital transformation and customer experience enhancement. Their collaboration with Intershop has yielded remarkable results, revolutionizing the Italian e-commerce market and beyond.

Notably, Alpenite’s renowned customer projects with industry leaders such as Nice, MyO, and OD+ have earned them the prestigious Intershop Partner of the Year Award for 2023. These projects serve as shining examples of Alpenite’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions that exceed client expectations and drive meaningful business outcomes.


As Alpenite continues to push the boundaries of digital transformation and innovation in customer experience, their recognition as Intershop Partner of the Year for 2023 reaffirms their leadership position in the industry. Congratulations to Alpenite on this well-deserved accolade, and we eagerly anticipate the remarkable achievements that await in their journey of co-creating extraordinary futures for businesses across Southern Europe.