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Intershop makes it easy to work with Continuous Integration and Continuous development (CI/CD), for it provides a basic architecture out of the box.

We offer a set of video tutorials that cover an overview of our CI structure, the simple set-up of a development system, the preparation of your artifact repository server and, finally, the deployment of a production system.

As stated before, each system is unique, so you need to adjust to your preferences, but you don’t need to create everything from scratch.

Continuous Integration- overview

The first video is an overview about the phases of a general e-commerce project, which is usually split into the parts of project development and project deployment. If you have a running artifact repository server, version control system and a CI server, your developers can start creating their code. Take a look at the written article and learn how to get started.

Tutorial: Set up a development system

In the next tutorial we want to show you the set-up of your development system step by step. As stated, Intershop already provides a deployed development server and access to our responsive starter store and all standard functionalities. Read the article and learn how to create a root project, build and publish the project, deploy the server, and set up the database:

Tutorial: prepare your artifact repository server

In this tutorial we want to show you how to prepare a local Nexus artifact repository server that will be used for the deployment of the Intershop Commerce Management. Read the respective article.

Tutorial: simple deployment of a production system

In this tutorial we want to show you a general approach to deploy a production server locally. Quick tip: If you just want to publish a standard demo system of Intershop’s Commerce Management, you can enter one of our responsive starter store assemblies.  Everything needed is available in the Intershop Repository.

Proceed and read the article.

We hope that our series is helping you to successfully deploy your e-commerce project.

You can watch all video tutorials of the Intershop solution on YouTube or in our Knowledge Base.