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The conversion rate is an important key figure in B2B marketing. It indicates how many visitors become buyers - so it is important to increase it permanently. Of course, there are interdependencies with other departments, but let’s focus here on the most important tools for marketing:

  1. Landing pages - increase turnover with customized offers

Landing pages are ideal to address customer needs without distraction. From there, traffic is directed to your shop. Landing pages are tailored to a customer group and promote a specific product, an interesting use case or an event. If advertising campaigns are intelligently linked with landing pages, the turnover of the online shop increases. According to Hubspot, leads increase by 55 percent if more than ten landing pages are used in the online shop.

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  1. Multivariate Testing - fast, easy and effective

In the end, it is the customer who decides which communication makes them buy. Multivariate tests are a simple and cost-effective way to test the effectiveness of different versions of the shop with real traffic. Any number of different page variants can be assigned to a test group in order to determine the most influential version. From there, you can increase the conversion rate of each page step by step.

  1. Segmentation as basis for personalization

70 percent of companies that address their B2B customers in a personalized way notice a positive impact on the conversion rate. Who is the customer? What has been ordered and looked at? What will become relevant for them in the future? Personalization can be done with segmentation and classifies customers according to their interest and buying behavior. Thanks to artificial intelligence, data of previous or similar transactions from different systems can be segmented, too. Thus, customer-specific product catalogs, additional up-selling offers or promotions can be leveraged in addition. This helps understanding he role of the visitor in the buying center. While buyer personas are interested in the commercial details, most users just inform themselves about technical product details- for example in videos. The better you know your customer, the more personalized information the offering can be - and the more likely the visitor will convert into a buyer.

Optimizing the conversion rate is a constant process and requires more than just the lowest price on the market. Therefore, it is not only the task of the marketing team - digital strategists and IT managers can also make important contributions. You can find out about those in our checklist "Conversion Rate in B2B - 12 tips to turn customers into loyal fans"

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