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Like a game of snakes and ladders, digital initiatives are making great gains up the business ladders, while the slower adopters slip and slide down on the snakes in commerce. This will have a dramatic effect on the B2B commerce landscape over the next five years. Cracks are already starting to appear, and only the organizations that have taken steps to bridge the gap will be left standing on the favourable side of the impending chasm. Ask yourself: Am I climbing the ladder right now or is this hesitation to go digital the final move towards the slide?

Are you a digital newcomer, a digital professional, or perhaps even a digital master?

As a newcomer, you are in the early stages of digitizing your business and maybe already experiencing first rewards. Digital professionals, however, successfully address the challenges of digitization and enjoy constant rewards—from greater efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction to rising sales. Digital masters are true experts. More than anything, you are an example for companies benefiting most from the positive impact of digitization.

A self-reflecting test on digitization

The stakes are high to risk falling behind. At the current rate of digitization in B2B organizations, the digital masters are set to win. Win competitive edge, win customer hearts, win more revenue and win more market share. The net effect of the less digitally mature moving at the current rate, or indeed not at all, is that they will lose their current ground, and lose opportunity, too.

We have prepared a benchmarking test as self-service for you. After answering some questions, your results will be compared to those of our 400 B2B decision makers. Based on this, individual recommendations will advise you on the next roll of dice in this game.

See here, how you are set to have digitization play out for you:

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