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videocon-f545910b-1 How Videocon Increased its Conversion Rate by 50%

Since the early days of e-commerce, consumer electronic has been playing a major role. Customers in this market are especially technophile and willing to shop online. Videocon, a global conglomerate headquartered in India and well established in this market segment has taken a decisive step resulting in a large upswing in their e-commerce business.

When Next Retail launched a new online and TV shopping channel to serve its 300,000 customers, it turned to Intershop and its implementation partner, Eperium India, for their vision and expertise, leading-edge technology, and joint track record in successfully completing complex and large-scale projects.

The company was already running an e-commerce site, but the existing site was neither able to offer a satisfying shopping experience nor robust enough to handle large traffic volumes. As the number of orders placed online was growing at a significant pace to over 1,000 orders a day, the old e-commerce platform had reached a stage where the site was responding too slowly and additional infrastructure was required to improve the performance of the web shop. This prompted Next Retail to consider the move to a more powerful and reliable e-commerce solution.

The aim was not only to set up a future-proof and feature-rich online presence that would meet the fast growing online demand, but also to connect and integrate the diverse sales channels with the help of the Intershop 7 platform. Next Retail needed the new solution to greatly boost site performance, including handling sudden spikes in traffic during promotions, and improve the overall shopping experience.

With over 10,000 stock keeping units, fast and easy shop management was another key requirement, as was a powerful content management system so that the marketing team could test variations of the shop layout with limited involvement from the technical team. Intershop's advanced catalogue features such as filtering, sharing, synchronization and syndication were an important factor for Next Retail as it meant the company would be able to maintain different product portfolios across different channels. Finally, Next Retail needed support for drop shipping and teleshopping, and support for a complex loyalty programme that runs across all customer groups and channels.

During this process it was possible to increase Videocons conversion rate by 50%. Read about tricks and shop functions that helped Videocon making this leap forward.  Download free success story which is available here for free.

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