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Herbert Pesch from Evident in an interview with Intershop 10 Minutes About Evident at the Intershop inpulse 2019

How do you contribute to optimize customer focus in B2B commerce?

Our mission is to help B2B companies grow in an ever–changing digital world. Everything we do is about, for and with the customers of our B2B clients. Customer centricity is key if you want to stay relevant in today’s business. Creating convenience for your clients is super important and helps grow your business. We help our clients identify the pain points and thus opportunities in their customers’ journey. Then we design and create an easy to use solution that goes beyond e-commerce. We believe that helping your customer to seamlessly do their business, is where you can add true value. 

 What is your key message visitors should bring home?

We see a strong evolution in the B2B space from siloed e-commerce initiatives to a more and more integrated approach to the customer. Portals that tend to the entire customer journey. From awareness to service and after sales support. The transactional (or e-commerce) part, plays a crucial role but will be less isolated and become more and more integrated. This trend allows for a smooth integration of for example digital services based on IoT or customer data. Services that can be provided from within or from outside the company. Such a platform also helps organizations to approach digital in a customer centric manner.

 Which insights can visitors expect from you?

Three years ago, together with Intershop, we have created the B2B digital commerce group. A network of 25+ experts in digital commerce working for large B2B organizations in The Benelux. This has resulted in very interesting and relevant insights in the market, its developments, the challenges and opportunities. Our goal is to share these insights. Topics such as: product information, customer centricity in B2B, sales alignment, organizational challenges, Scrum & Agile in B2B and building an e-commerce team. Check out our YouTube channel or articles. Are you interested in joining? Let us know!

Imagine digital B2B commerce 5 years from now. Which major differences do you expect?

As mentioned before, we no longer see e-commerce and various digital services as separate silos. Digital touchpoints for clients will become more and more integrated and aligned with each other. Next to this, we see the rise of additional digital initiatives from different areas (e.g. logistics, supplier side) finding their place in the integrated platform.

See you at #ISHinpulse2019:

How to create a heavenly digital experience for your customers?

Listen to Remco Pot’s story, Manager exhibitor services at RAI Amsterdam that yearly organizes,  facilitates and hosts well over 50 international conferences, 70 large shows and over a thousand smaller conferences, presentations and meetings. Together with Herbert Pesch - at Intershop inpulse on November 14, Dusseldorf!


About Herbert Pesch

Herbert Pesch is co-founder of Evident. He is chairman of the B2B digital commerce group and consults B2B clients on a strategic level in the digital arena. He often hosts and moderates B2B industry events. With 100+ experts in business design and technology in both Utrecht and Lisbon, Evident helps B2B companies grow in an ever-changing digital world. 

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