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Incentro is proud part of a best-of-breed network. Therefore, they have chosen Intershop  for when it comes to e-commerce. Reflecting that, at Incentro Spain, there are currently 15 certified engineers in the Intershop Certified Professional program.

Over the past seven years they help providing solutions to customer problems, instead of focusing solely on technologies. The Intershop solution can easily be adapted to the needs of the user and helps to overcome any challenge that a company has in that field. Here are some examples:

Coop: The app that fully supports your grocery shopping

One of the mutual success stories is of the Dutch supermarket chain Coop. Coop already had an online store but they wanted to be able to offer more for their customers. That is why they contacted Incentro with the idea of ​​creating an app to be able to buy via mobile. As Incentro always goes one step further, they believed an app that was a mere copy of the online store would not add much value to the customer experience.

So the idea evolved: “How about an app that helps you keeping the fridge full at any time?” What started out modestly developed into  an app with incredible functionalities.

First came the image scanner. Javier Sainz-Maza, consultant for Incentro Spain, says: “Based on Google Cloud image recognition software, we built an intelligent product scanner. Not the typical barcode reader, but a tool capable of recognizing vegetables, fruits, product packaging and even items from other supermarkets. So, just before you beat the last egg, you take a picture and a new package is added to your shopping list. It allows you to basically cook and buy at the same time!”

On top of that, they created automatic shopping lists, thanks to which you don't need to navigate the app “up and down”. A machine learning solution was also implemented: The more you use the app, the more efficient it becomes, as it learns from your preferences.

Once this app was launched, Coop online sales grew more than 25%.

Wolters Kluwer and Nationale Postcode Loterij

Another success story is the work they did for the Wolters Kluwer training and software company. Incentro Spain has been a strategic partner in the entire digital transformation undergone by Wolters Kluwer. For their online store, they chose once again Intershop. Thanks to the Intershop solution, the shop can be accessed from multiple platforms and customers can sign up for different services.

Nationale Postcode Loterij relied on Incentro Spain and Intershop to create its omnichannel e-commerce platforms. Currently there are more than 25 online stores where they offer their different products from the catalog. The most interesting aspect about Loterij is the versatility of the solution, since it is not an e-commerce to use. The aim of the Loterij stores is to distribute the prizes and rewards won at the lottery. The main differences of Loterij compared to other e-commerce systems is that the option of paying for the products was deactivated. As soon as you enter the shop you have to log in with a promotional code that was sent to the winners before. Once logged in, Loterij already has all the data you provided when paying the subscription. Also, your profile has a number of credits associated that enable to redeem one or several gifts.

All these cases show literally how rewarding well-thought digitization projects and commerce solutions can be.

This article was first published at Incentro Spain.