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In the competitive landscape of B2B e-commerce, the quest for higher conversion rates is perpetual. Recognizing this, the B2B Frontrunners community chose to dedicate a session to discussing intelligent conversion strategies, inviting leading companies like Würth and RAJA to share their insights. These industry leaders have successfully harnessed artificial intelligence (AI) to transform their conversion approaches, setting a benchmark for others in the field.

The reason behind focusing on this topic is simple: In a market where every percentage point in conversion can translate to substantial revenue gains, understanding and implementing advanced conversion strategies is crucial. B2B businesses are constantly investing in acquiring customers and looking for innovative ways to enhance engagement, drive sales, and maximize revenue. By bringing together frontrunners in the industry, this session aimed to uncover actionable strategies and AI-driven tools that can elevate e-commerce performance and provide a competitive edge.


Why should B2B professionals prioritize e-commerce site conversions?

E-commerce site conversion measures the effectiveness of an e-commerce site in turning visitors into product discoverers, product discoverers into buyers, and buyers into loyal customers. By tracking and analyzing conversion rates at every stage of the infinite B2B buyer journey, businesses can identify areas for improvement, optimize the customer experience, and implement strategies to increase conversions. Here are the top five reasons why boosting e-commerce site conversions is essential:

1. Revenue generation: Conversions directly impact revenue. Even a small improvement can lead to a significant increase in profits. Each successful conversion represents a potential sale, contributing to both new and repeat business.

2. Cost efficiency: Converting existing site visitors is more cost-effective than acquiring new customers. By focusing on conversions, businesses maximize their marketing ROI and derive more value from each customer interaction.

3. Competitive advantage: An effective e-commerce site that converts visitors into buyers differentiates a business in a crowded market, attracting and retaining customers.

4. Customer experience: High conversion rates correlate with positive customer experiences, making it easy for visitors to find what they need and complete purchases, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Data collection and insights: Conversion data provides valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing for more informed decisions to personalize experiences and optimize marketing strategies.


Can AI tools level up conversion strategies to create an infinite B2B buying journey?

The B2B buying journey consists of multiple stages, each presenting unique opportunities for AI to enhance conversion strategies:


A diagram of the infinite B2B buying journey.

  • Need identification: AI analyzes data to identify potential needs or pain points, helping businesses tailor their offerings.

  • Research assistance: AI-powered tools provide personalized content recommendations and insights, aiding buyers in decision-making.

  • Selection streamlining: AI offers personalized product recommendations based on preferences and past behavior.

  • Purchase optimization: AI optimizes pricing, offers personalized discounts, and simplifies the checkout process.

  • Post-purchase support: AI tracks order fulfillment, provides updates, and enhances the post-purchase experience.

  • Usage analytics: AI monitors product usage, offers recommendations, and provides ongoing support.

  • Maintenance alerts: AI-driven tools offer proactive maintenance alerts and troubleshooting assistance.

  • Recommendation engine: AI identifies opportunities for cross-selling, upselling, and facilitating referrals.

By focusing on these stages, B2B organizations can create an infinite loop of engagement and interaction, continually presenting opportunities for conversions and growth.

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How are leading B2B companies like RAJA and Würth enhancing their internal processes and increasing conversions with AI?

During the recent B2B Frontrunners session, RAJA and Würth shared their AI-driven success stories:

  • RAJA: As a prominent player in the packaging and workplace supplies industry, RAJA provided a compelling case study on leveraging AI to optimize their content processes. By using AI-powered solutions for bulk translations and content creation, RAJA Belgium significantly increased their efficiency, output, and shop traffic. AI-driven prompts and fine-tuning mechanisms not only saved time but also improved the quality of their content, leading to a fivefold increase in productivity.

  • Würth: A global leader in the distribution of assembly and fastening materials, Würth showcased their use of AI to personalize customer interactions and boost conversions. Through AI-driven solutions like dynamic pricing algorithms and real-time product recommendations, Würth transformed its sales processes. This provided sales representatives with invaluable insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions quickly. Harnessing the power of AI, Würth enhanced the customer experience and achieved impressive results, including a notable increase in revenue from product bundles and related page views.

In essence, both RAJA and Würth exemplify how leading B2B companies are leveraging AI to increase productivity and efficiency, personalize customer interactions, and ultimately drive conversions. Their success stories and best practices provide valuable insights that can inspire and inform other businesses looking to harness the power of AI in their own e-commerce endeavours.


How does Intershop support B2B businesses in implementing intelligent conversion strategies?

During the B2B Frontrunners session, Intershop offered practical insights on how their AI-driven solutions can help B2B businesses increase conversions. We particularly highlighted the utilization of Intershop Copilot and SPARQUE.AI.

  • Intershop Copilot: This generative AI virtual assistant is designed to enhance conversion rates for B2B businesses. Powered by Azure OpenAI and integrated into the Intershop Commerce Platform, Intershop Copilot enriches product details, optimizes pricing strategies, and delivers accurate search results. Acting as a digital navigator, Intershop Copilot guides users through the complexities of online sales, providing valuable insights to improve conversion rates.

  • SPARQUE.AI: Highlighted as another key solution, SPARQUE.AI is a product discovery, personalization, and recommendation engine that drives personalized experiences for users. Its precision and scalability allow businesses to customize AI capabilities to their specific needs. By leveraging SPARQUE.AI, B2B businesses can deliver personalized product recommendations, enhance user engagement, and ultimately increase conversion rates. Whether recommending products based on user behaviour or optimizing product discovery, SPARQUE.AI empowers businesses to maximize the effectiveness of their e-commerce strategies and achieve measurable results.

Mastering intelligent conversion optimization – key takeaways

1. Power of AI: AI technologies offer tools that analyze data, personalize interactions, optimize pricing, and automate marketing, significantly boosting conversion rates.

2. Infinite B2B buying journey: AI can enhance every stage of the buying journey, creating ongoing engagement and opportunities for conversions.

3. Best practices: Leading companies like Würth and RAJA demonstrate how AI can streamline processes and personalize interactions to drive conversions.

4. Intershop’s AI capabilities: Tools like Intershop Copilot and SPARQUE.AI provide insights, streamline processes, and deliver personalized experiences, helping businesses optimize their e-commerce strategies.

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