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Working on own ideas – hackathons provide the perfect space for software developers in this regard. The setting is designed to promote creativity and innovation giving participants the chance to develop prototypes and minimum viable products within one-week workshops. There are no specific objectives, so that small project groups can work freely on the integration of emerging trends or on the implementation of new technologies. There is ample room for inspiration. As a result good ideas, concepts and code often find their way into Intershop's rich portfolio of standard functionalities. In the end, this also benefits customer projects.

The idea: Integration of QR code scanner as extension for Intershop PWA

Here´s an example from the last Hackathon: Although the use of QR codes for e-commerce is limited, a scanner of this kind enables particularly efficient processes. The underlying principle is simple - the usually printed QR code is scanned by the smartphone camera, recognized and triggers a defined action. Two possible application scenarios are:

  1. Retrieve additional product information and accelerate the shopping process: Customers standing in front of a product in stationary retail often ask for details or user ratings. Scanning the QR code on the shelf forwards the customer to the product detail page of the online shop. Further product information can thus be researched at the point of sale. The products can then be ordered directly via the online shop, for example if the desired product variant (color, size, technical specification) is not in stock there. By this, the benefits of analog product experience can be combined with the advantages of online shopping – automatically improving "mobile commerce".
    QR-Code linking to Intershop Progressive Web App
  2. Advertise special offers or social media channels: Once an order was received by the customer, he or she can look forward to a promotion (QR) code on a flyer as part of the delivery. A quick scan and the respective discount is deducted directly from the shopping basket on the next purchase. Rewarding the person with special offers this way helps increasing customer loyalty, too. The attached QR code can also forward to certain social media channels, informing the customer about special deals. This improves the performance of cross- and up-selling strategies.
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The implementation

One software developer, one hackathon, three days full of motivation. The recipe for success: Angular and the open source library ngx scanner. Thanks to the standard interfaces in Intershop's PWA, the vast Angular community, matching API and a well-documented library, the coding was done quickly.

 Therefore, there was still time to develop further basic functionalities for an additionally integrated barcode scanner - even as a non-Angular version for the responsive storefront.

PWA – your recipe for success

Our Progressive Web App provides your customers with the best mobile user experience. It's very flexible in its options for expansion, too. The development of the QR code scanner is just one example of the easy extensibility of the PWA with individual new features.

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