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Intershop goes to university

When it comes to the responsibility of a company in its region, Intershop is in an exemplary position with its Academics program.

Where data is experimented with, there is room for research and interpretation. We not only offer internships, interesting thesis topics and student jobs in the various departments, but some of our employees are willing to take the next step. So for a while now, Intershop offers a series of lectures on e-commerce and other technical topics in cooperation with leading Thuringian universities.

For example, there is a long-term cooperation within the framework of the Academic Program between Intershop and Ilmenau Technical University, more precisely with its Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

After the very good response to the previous lecture series "E-Commerce", we are proud that Mario Vesper and René Pasold were able to give a lecture in January as part of the course "Usability Engineering" by Prof. Dr. Krömker.

The topic "Software Development Processes" was presented by them, covering a general overview on waterfall as well as agile methods, and also offering very practical experiences from their everyday work. By this, students of the Media Technology faculty were given the opportunity of an external learning experience.



With the help of these kind of lectures, Intershop was able to win a couple of students last year, who then took on internships or auxiliary work with us. Overall, we are proud to have 60 students working with us, with 25% international background.

Taking this motivation into action, plans are currently underway for further lectures in similar courses.