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Where does the partnership between Intershop and Microsoft add value for business customers?

We have a joint strategy, based on innovation and integration:

Intershop uses Microsoft's state-of-the-art cloud technology in Commerce-as-a-Service (CaaS) offerings, but also in IoT, for example. Microsoft as a technology manufacturer provides innovations that can be used and experienced by joint customers in e-commerce. The integration advantage for these customers is that they receive an integrated solution with the benefits of Intershop's technology leadership and e-commerce expertise.

How does Intershop Commerce Suite differ from other shop solutions with interfaces to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Intershop has achieved a market position that is sensational in Germany. The experience of more than 25 years in the field of digital trading now has an interface to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and that is a benefit for every customer!

The deep integration into the software ensures low-maintenance operation, and there is a common strategy underlying it, so that the customer does not have to worry about unplanned technology and release changes.

To set it straight: Intershop has a unique position for us compared to other manufacturers due to three factors: the expertise, the deep intertwining of Intershop Commerce Management with Dynamics 365, and the strong network with our partner landscape, as recently the B2B Bootcamp in Munich.

Companies sometimes still have considerable fears of the effort involved in digitizing their distribution channels. Here, costs and resources are not always in proportion to the possible profit. How does Microsoft address these fears and how can a joint solution of Dynamics 365 and Commerce-as-a-Service address them?

These fears are mostly unjustified today. You can start very quickly, low-risk with little investment. With such a small project you can test what is possible, which digital innovation or which new service will drive your company forward. So you can gain fast experiences without big investments in people, time or money.

When it comes to digital sales solutions, the question arises: is it still possible to run a business without them? Relations with online vendors are often more intimate than with a nearby brick & mortar store. We believe that the future will be fueled by multichannel and crosschannel commerce.

Shopping experiences no longer need to be completed in the same channel as they started. This trend is unstoppable. The customer already tells us what he or she wants. We have to learn to listen! Accordingly, I can only advertise to lose any fear of contact and to try and recognize: What are my advantages?

Then, Intershop’s flexible CaaS offering makes it easy for any company to get started!

Read our Whitepaper on Intershop and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to understand the full potential.