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b2bshoppingaward_banner_2-1d6c8c0b Intershop Sponsors B2B Shopping Award

This year, for the first time in history, the Shopping Award will be accompanied by a B2B award. On 29 March next year, not only will the well-known public and industry prizes be awarded to the best business-to-consumer web shops, but also the best B2B web shops will be highlighted.

Intershops EMEA Team announced this during its event  “Raise the Bar”. The winner of the B2B award is not determined by the audience but by a professional jury and will be presented at the Shopping Awards Gala in Hotel Huis ter Duin on March 29th next year.

The newly created award is sponsored by Intershop. Spokesman Harold van der Horst said: "The turnover in the B2B is enormous, but so is the legacy. Not every company is making every click count. But the players who excel, the current winners of the Shopping Awards, can already learn a lot from that. I'm sure dozens of players will be eager to show it off!

The B2B award of Shopping Awards will hopefully help to raise awareness for companies that sell to other companies via a web shop. “There is still little known about what B2B companies do, while it's a huge market that attracts a lot of B2C players", Harold says. “The customer journey is more extensive, the environments are often more complex, there are many special business processes, functionalities, organizational challenges to conquer.”

Why we want to enhance the visibility of B2B shops becomes clear when you read how we support them through their journey.