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0105_teaser_Advice Intershop's Advice to Thrive in E-Commerce

Prepare to Change and Evolve

The Seamless Experience. It's what customers say they want, but it's not the easiest feature for companies to deliver. Because of rapid changes in everything from CRM to mobile-friendly architecture, what used to be a smooth buying process can become a disjointed hassle for the consumer. With only a 4-percent visitor conversion rate in e-commerce, many companies are looking for ways to inch that figure upwards.

Intershop is committed to focusing on customer needs and creating the flexibility in their architecture that gives their clients a sales edge. The objective is to create an e-commerce environment that will easily adapt to lightning-fast changes in customer preferences and technology. The ability to scale and innovate to react to business demands is key to Intershop’s vision of e-commerce.

Incorporating Microsoft CRM, Customer Analytics, ERP, Personalization and AI into Intershop's architecture creates a cloud-based digital commerce solution that fits any business. Intershop is also using Bing Search API and Semknox's Semantic Search to enhance the customer’s experience, especially when shopping hands-free.

One just needs to look at Synaptic Commerce®, Intershop's term for a neural-like network that joins customer touchpoints to a merchant such as mobile, brick-and-mortar stores and even IoT with the micro services that make up a seamless experience like ERP, payment and the supply chain. The effect is a truly product- and service-agnostic experience. No matter what platform or program the customer is using the Synaptic Commerce® architecture ensures a smooth, easy shopping and conversion environment.