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amazon_intershop_integration Introducing the Intershop x Amazon Integration

Intershop has integrated with the world's largest internet retailer market place – Amazon! This Amazon integration is an API (Application Programming Interface) call to send products onto the Amazon platform. Resultantly, businesses that use the Intershop Commerce platform are automatically integrated with Amazon.

How does this integration work?

When a product item is uploaded onto the business's e-commerce website, it will appear on the product catalog. However, now that Intershop is integrated with Amazon, the product is automatically uploaded onto Amazon's Marketplace. This helps to boost the products’ exposure through various channels to as many consumers as possible.  With this integration between Intershop and Amazon, it is now possible to have a product featured on both an online e-commerce platform as well as on Amazon although it only requires an upload to one single platform instead of two. How amazing!

Intershop Commerce Suite, an omnichannel platform, combines powerful tools for better customer relationship management as well as organizational operations.