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marketing-expo-london-1 Let’s meet at the B2B Marketing Expo London

Counting the days...

If you would visit only one B2B event this year, we would suggest that you’d go to the B2B Marketing Expo in London on 27 & 28 March. Why? Because it’s Europe’s leading B2B marketing event, where everybody and everything comes together: marketing professionals, commerce solutions, techniques and innovations. On such an event, Intershop cannot be missed. Of course, I can tell you about our great digital commerce solutions and how they help your online growth. But I will not. The reason that I think the event is worth your time and attention, is that we’d like to hand you some tools to improve your B2B commerce – literally.

Get all the insights in B2B

So please meet us at stand 2170 for our E-Commerce Report 2019 ‘Speed beats perfection’. This extensive report touches various topics, such as the role company size plays in the success of digitisation, how strategic decisions are made and what the importance of digitization truly is. Also, we’ve got a completely new whitepaper on e-commerce, that’s about the reasons, the risks & how to choose the right platform.

Free tickets!

And should you not be interested in any whitepaper or report whatsoever, we are happy to meet you in our networking area. There are a lot of hands to shake and interesting viewpoint to listen to, with a lineup of 500 speakers, interactive panel debates and 1000 other exhibitors. Oh, a ticket for the event is free. Want to register? Click here. See you soon!


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