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Reinvented and digitized B2B selling

Gaps, gaps, gaps. If you’re a B2B merchant, there seem to be gaps everywhere. Let’s take a look at just a few:

  1. Information gaps. Sometimes, efforts to deliver a streamlined and efficient service to customers are being hampered by siloed systems that cause information gaps and customer dissatisfaction.
  2. Between online and offline. Conflict between online and offline sales channels generates further frustration for customers who expect a seamless omni-channel buying experience. Yet, too often they fall into the gap between the two.
  3. In competitive edge. Because, in the meantime, the competitive environment is getting tougher as newcomers emerge from near and far, thanks to technology that’s making commerce more global than ever before. B2B merchants are finding it increasingly difficult not to lose ground – and customers – to competitors old and new.
  4. Efficiency. Today’s B2B companies are struggling with business processes that are labor-intensive and costly. This is widening the efficiency gap.

These trends and challenges are forcing B2B companies to rethink and reinvent their selling models in a bid to engineer true customer-centricity.

In a new eBook “Reinvented and Digitized B2B Selling”, we summarize more than 20 years of observations, learnings and best practices gathered from working with B2B companies.

We explore in more depth the challenges facing B2B companies today and discuss the approach B2B companies must take if they are to ride the digital wave, instead of being swept away.

We also take a look at concepts like ‘persona profiling’ and the ‘customer journey’, which can serve as a good starting point for achieving a successful digital transformation within the B2B commerce environment.

Download your free copy now.