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The advantages of customer-centric digitization efforts are well known: reduction of the cost of each interaction, fewer errors, freeing of resources that can be moved from repetitive tasks to added business value, all leading to the overall goal: improving customer satisfaction, margins, and broadening the sales channels.

Every customer is different and has individual needs or an individual contract, which is also reflected in the selection of products. Intershop helps manufacturers and wholesalers to personalize the buying experience of their customers not only with the catalog views feature. 

The level-up of B2B personalization 

Now that the demand for personalization rises to a point where catalog views are no longer sufficient for special projects, we introduce a new approach: Customer-specific assortments. 

Based on the search index, they allow a more flexible configuration without performance loss and thousands of different views, individually for each customer.


With customer-specific assortments it is possible to create highly individual assortments, much more fine-grained than with catalog views. Additional options like comparing product attributes, customer IDs, customer attributes or category attributes allow you to customize your shop exactly to your needs and those of your customers.

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