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When October is closing in, November is almost tangible and you know that the holiday season is about to begin! Starting with the Cyber Weekend, you need to make sure your commerce websites are able to handle the peaks in traffic accordingly.

We have prepared a webinar that walks you through a checklist of all the important aspects you need to think of:

  • Become aware of your site traffic and therefore monitor and benchmark your average traffic volume to become better in estimating how much traffic your site can handle
  • Focus your storefront and checkout process to identify weak spots and optimize the overall performance
Mobile first
  • Know your customers and their behavior and get your web shop mobile optimized
  • Conduct user testing to create an intuitive mobile shopping experience to be ready for peak seasons and keep your customers coming back
Load testing
  • Too many simultaneous requests can potentially crash your site
  • Conduct regular load testing
  • Site speed and checkout process: slow site = no sales
Speed up
    • 46% of shoppers said they’ll never return to a slow website!
    • Be prepared and scale web servers, application servers, 3rd party systems and take care of your database servers
  • Monitor as much as you can during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and any other period of peak traffic
  • Also get insights throughout the peak season
  • Reflect and evaluate your actions and record what worked and what didn’t

If you are an experienced System Administrator or IT specialist, you will also benefit from our deep dive webinar: How to avoid site downtimes during high seasons.