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At the #DPK18 we demonstrated our latest Intershop Connector for Dynamics 365 and our Microsoft Partner ORBIS uses this presentation for their sales activities, too. So now it is high time to take a look how Intershop and Microsoft Dynamics 365 work hand in hand:


The Intershop Order Connector for Dynamics 365 for Sales submits orders from Intershop Commerce Suite to Dynamics 365. The micro service ensures a reliable and fast transfer of order related data and customer information. With the order submission to Dynamics 365 for Sales we extended our connectivity to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product family.

Since our new Intershop Commerce Suite 2018 Release, the microservices for orders and inventory are already connecting the Intershop Commerce Suite with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The microservice architecture we use allows easy adaptation to customer projects and rapid integration into existing software infrastructures. Modular development enables a range of possibilities, e.g., the provision of customer data for CRM systems and product data for ERP systems. Once they have been set up, all connectors work fully automatically and further standard connectors for Dynamics 365 are on our roadmap. With our connectors, product data, inventories, customer data and orders are exchanged quickly, simply and consistently between Intershop Commerce Suite and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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