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“Team, we’ve got more than 260 registrations, it’s going to be a blast!” That was the first message the organizers shared with the rest of the team on November 14 at the Eventresidenz in Dusseldorf. After that, the rest of the day was a clockwork of shared expertise, trust, great technology and an amazing community of customers, partners and Intershop experts.

Although many of us are  strongly connected already, it takes communication to a new level to meet personally.

The inpulse has grown into an event which intertwines our technology with the experience and enthusiasm of our partners, culminating in the success stories of our mutual customers. Therefore, we shared the main stage and hosted sessions together. To visualize this, we created a galaxy of stars with all customer logos all the way up to the main area, where coffee was served, and hugs from old friends were as present as first meetings of so far only virtual contacts.

So thank you,Microsoft, Concardis, Dynamic Yield, signTEK,Avalara, ChannelEngine,diconium, evident, Fenego, incentro, Wunderman Thompson Commerceand all the other supporters for your contribution to turn GOOD into GREAT.

Another development from GOOD to GREAT: The number of participants was almost doubled to last year’s inpulse, and we had visitors from 14 countries!


But there was more to experience:

  • Jane Gao, Travis Wright and Claus Loos from Microsoft took the time to share some of the exciting innovations around data and AI.
  • Daily Fresh Food shared exceptional insights on their running 7.10 on Azure
  • SignTek celebrated an indoor barbecue for the fastest B2B project with Intershop (less than 100 days to set up the B2B shop for Block Food)
  • From the Black Forest into the world:Häfele impressed with its internationalization story and experiences.
  • Personalization rules: Dynamic Yield helped Intershop customer Mister Spex increase their revenue by 20%.
  • An enthusiastic panel discussion on market places and why not to be afraid of them. Here, our partners ChannelEngine & Mercateo really stood out.
  • RAI Amsterdam and evident shared insights on how to create heavenly customer experiences.
  • Wolters Kluwer gave insider tips on how to boost business with headless commerce.

Of course there were also technical tracks, for the inpulse has been (and will be) a conference designed not only for business executives. Thus, our technical leads provided interactive sessions (which proved to attract most visitors) on the latest Intershop architecture, featured the use of Kubernetes and had a deep dive into our Progressive Web App.

The event was also the ignition point to a new initiative: Mauro Boffardi, our customer success expert for the Nordics, will bring together e-commerce experts of that region for more of inspirational professional exchange. (More on that soon!)


Our motto was Turn Good into Great. But it was more than great speakers and personalized booklets. It quickly became clear that in order to become GREAT, one must understand that this isn’t about a single goal to be reached. It is the everyday journey of failing, learning, succeeding, learning, doing things differently and learning again what it takes to. However, no one needs to undertake this journey alone. A vibrant network of partners, colleagues, family and friends can make failures smaller and victories even greater.

A magician made this very clear in a humorous act: you need each other to excel, you can strive higher than you aimed first, and everyone is able to turn Good into Great.

Take a look at speaker and partner feedback:


And not to forget: the CyberNight, powered by CyberSource, a Visa Solution. No other than Germany’s Club Band #1, the Urban Club Band rocked the stage and invited everybody to dance. Fast forward a few hours – it was awesome! Intershoppers, partners, customers, all joined together for a night of laughter and singing along.

During  the weeks ahead, we will provide a lot of content coming from inpulse 2019. Not only did many people share interesting stories (stay curious!), but personal meetings always speed up processes (two new case studies are on their way). Thinking about it, the inpulse was a catalyst not only for sales processes, knowledge transfer or relationships. It fueled cooperation of many new contacts.

I asked around what everyone’s association to the inpulse was. It turns out “hands-on”, “team”, “energetic”, “exciting”, “design” and “technology” were leading the highscore.

So much for this year. See you back in spring 2021 when we meet again to Turn GOOD into GREAT!