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prw-lets-get-phygital Retail Intelligent and Connected – Let's get “Phygital” with Intershop and Calliope

Physical commerce needs to melt with digital commerce- getting “phygital”! Visitors of the Paris Retail Week their can get first-hand impression of that at booth 7.2 B025.

Business consulting company Calliope and Intershop are bundling their expertise in digitization. Together with Microsoft and Stibo Systems they aim to combine the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a 360-degree customer view with Intershop's e-commerce solution for an optimal cross-channel customer experience. Calliope experts will be happy to explain MS Dynamics implementation projects and present the synergies gained by an integration with Intershop’s commerce solution.

Anticipating and satisfying customer needs accurately and efficiently is a daily challenge for retailers. For being successful in that it is necessary to build on high-performance, fast, flexible and 100% customer-oriented tools. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail allows optimizing customer experience and business performance.

Just to make things more complex, customer needs keep constantly changing. Therefore, you must be able to respond effectively to changes in purchasing habits and trends.

For generation Y, for example, the store is sometimes being reduced into a place to pick up orders. However, physical stores offer advantages: look & feel (especially for textiles), immediate purchase, adaptability of the offer and personalization of products and services, and finally a personal customer relationship.

A phygital strategy must be based on five accelerators: customer experience, supply chain dexterity, human resources organization, data mining and channel integration.

Data need to be collected to facilitate direct contacts with Internet users on social media, physical points of sale (stores) and the e-commerce site. Objective: to have 360° visibility of the customer (their buying habits and trends).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail helps to achieve this goal. This cloud-based tool allows professionals to provide a consistent, personal, transparent and differentiated shopping experience.

The result: personalized customer experience. For example, customers can order online and pick up their sweater from the nearby store in an on-site special color variant - possibly with a matching scarf that hadn't caught the eye at the online shop.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail supports and synchronizes all distribution channels to meet best customer expectations. In a “phygital” strategy, it is essential that the different channels don't cannibalize each other, but foster one another instead.

However, each channel has its own payment method, delivery method, rate schedule, etc. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail, it's possible to create and configure "products" for each channel to meet the needs of customers and future buyers accurately and quickly. For store managers, this solution also allows them to adapt their sales force according to identified trends and upcoming events.

As Calliope is one of Microsoft's leading business and technology partners in the area of Microsoft Dynamics 365, it will support customers in the future with combined expertise in the areas of e-commerce and customer engagement, while leveraging core commerce functionalities from Intershop.