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E-commerce processes in B2B are much more complex than B2C processes. Rich data management is key. By working with Stibo Systems, Intershop's customers benefit from our combined expertise.

Why is there an alliance between Stibo Systems and Intershop?

Boris Jacques, Alliance and Partner Sales Manager Stibo Systems: “Stibo Systems delivers product information solutions. Our origins are in the printing business, which may sound a bit unusual, but actually is not. Stibo once printed the Yellow Pages and product catalogs, which of course was full of data.

In 1976, Stibo Systems was established and since then we’ve had our focus on data in a digital way. Nowadays, we provide data management solutions in more than 20 offices worldwide to more than 350 customers. We manage the complexity of data in the background while Intershop makes it accessible to the consumers, the alliance covers the end to end value chain. Digitization asks for data.”

Toufik Boudellal, Partner Sales Manager Intershop, adds: “As a developer of e-commerce solutions, we also believe in the power of data in order to be successful in e-commerce. The alliance with Stibo Systems is a logical choice, because we complement each other."

Which big trends do you see regarding e-commerce?

Boris Jacques: “Over the last 40 years customer expectations have developed. They expect a complete customer experience. Data and product information form a big part of that experience. No matter the channel, product data must be coherent and rich.

Also, we see a growing need for a customized user experience. Not only in B2C, but also in B2B. Stibo Systems and Intershop can meet all those needs by working together: We provide the coherent information in the backend, Intershop makes sure it works flawlessly and beautifully in the frontend.”

Do you have mutual clients?

Boudellal: “We do. Between 12 and 15 B2B clients worldwide make use of our combined expertise. Examples are Engie, Schneider Electric and Würth. E-commerce processes in B2B are much more complex than B2C processes. You need to understand rich data management. By working together we are stronger and have more to offer. Our clients benefit from this.”

Will data become even more important in the future?

Boris Jacques: “Absolutely. When we talk about e-commerce, we talk about the customer journey which includes enriched experiences, digital assets, coherence, reliability, completeness and much more. Everything is related data.

In e-commerce, you need to know which information is necessary for which channel. Mobile asks for different data than desktop or tablet. You need to find clever ways to present the right data in the right channel. The right information to the right context leads to an optimal customer journey.”