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Just before most of us take a break from business life, looking forward to peaceful hours with our loved ones, we would like to share some thoughts about the past year with you from the Intershop perspective. What have we achieved and what is ahead of us?

2018 was a year that may be best summarized by cloud, expertise, and partnership. Central was the launch of our Commerce-as-a-Serviceoffering in spring. In its consequence we have started aligning our entire business to the “Cloud first” strategy, which is currently being rolled out to our customers internationally. More and more of them opt for cloud-based solutions now. Elefant was the first and Rockwool the most recent one of those who were announced for having joined the community of worldwide successful Intershop customers.

At our house fairs, inpulse and Raise the Bar, we brought together hundreds of our customers and partners. In energizing atmosphere the experts then shared their experience of landmark projects and their vision for shaping the future of digital commerce. It´s very rewarding to see the community growing yet: Our partner network now includes e.g. Orbis bundling CRM and e-commerce expertise, Capptoo specializing in the Swiss market, and team neusta representing digital agencies. All can now leverage Intershop´s version 7.10, released in September. So once again, our product makes for a most powerful core asset. It righteously  keeps receiving great feedback from our partners and customers over the years. But when we were recognized by Forrester again as a Leader in B2B with the best current offering this autumn, it definitely was a moment that made us proud as a team for having our outstanding expertise being testified again.

In 2018, we have been able to strengthen our partnership with Microsoft in many regards. Our commitment and drive has been awarded with the Runner Up Award and we are now part of global solution maps leading to more visibility within their partner network. Just last week, there were three days of focused meetings in Redmond, where Microsoft and Intershop have met to discuss concrete plans and the strategy for the next year. Here, we can build from this year´s grown momentum taking well-defined steps to further nurture this partnership in the years ahead.

As said, 2018 has been a year of transformation. It has set the stage for 2019 as a year of implementation - and 2020 as a year of acceleration. Therefore, we can be certain that the time ahead will not cease in demanding our full dedication. For a fact, Intershop as a team, will deliver just that for the success as a company, for our partners, customers and shareholders.

But for now, we wish you cheerful and reflective hours with, your families, your friends, your beloved ones. Enjoy days of rest and recharge your batteries for tackling the challenges ahead. Be sure, if it is about growing your digital business, we are right there for you!

Dr. Jochen Wiechen and Markus Klahn