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Shopping Awards 2020: Are you up for a challenge?

On 26 March 2020, the annual Dutch Shopping Awards Gala will take place in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin again. Yet again, a very special award for B2B e-commerce in the Netherlands will be presented: the “B2B Award Powered by Intershop”. We can’t wait!

 Why is an award for B2B commerce so important?

There are many awards within the digital commerce sector, covering customer-centric approaches, intuitive navigations and personalized functionalities. In recent years, there has been excellent progress in this area, with technology being a major lever. However, B2B companies are still heavily underrepresented in terms of public recognition. Reasons lay in the fact that challenges vary widely due to industry specifics and few comparable peers. Additionally, B2B initiatives lack attention due to their nature of often only limiting access to special user groups. Nonetheless, they often have everything calling for an award, be it the innovative power, the consequent customer-centric approach, or compelling vision! It´s an open secret that B2B organizations work often by far fancier than publicly perceived; their market and value in terms of revenues not to mention. All these are good reasons why we want to spotlight exemplary businesses.

Who is on the jury?

It is true that the initiative is 'Powered by Intershop'. But does that mean that Intershop decides on the nominees or even the winners? NO! It’s true, Intershop experts are part of the jury, but we are not alone! The jury consists of more experts:  representatives from VU/Sycommerce, ERIKS, PVH corp., Heinenoord Assuradeuren, Zietuwel, Intergamma and Marketingtribune come together to evaluate and decide on every project.

Last year an Intershop customer won. Naturally, the question came up, whether that was a coincidence. In fact, it was! According to the jury, De Stiho Groep started the digital transformation in a very special way – by launching Sybrand’s Place, their in-house development team. This way, De Stiho Groep created freedom and opportunity for e-commerce to grow and develop. Their digitization initiative is a best practice, not because they are Intershop customers, but because they think “digital” in a new way.


They winning the award just reflects that Intershop customers are serious about e-commerce and how, with the right tools, people and management commitment, B2B companies can achieve a lot. Now, what team and by what has set the standards this year?

The nominees are....

On March 2, the nominees for the Shopping awards 2020 were presented. Intershop is proud that ShipSupport is among the 3 nominees for the B2B Award. In the category DRINKS & FOOD, our customer Jumbo is in the run. Good luck to all the nominees who will present their cases to the jury! 

On Thursday, March 26, the awards will be presented.