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06-state-of-digitalization-f856bbe8 The impact of digital on B2B business models

The far-reaching influence of digital sales channels has had a profound business impact, according to our 2016 B2B e-commerce research report “Taking the Fast Track into the Digital Future of B2B Commerce”. In fact, four in ten (40%) respondents surveyed confirm the pursuit of digital transformation has resulted in a complete change of their organization’s business model.

Perfecting digital sales, marketing and customer relationship initiatives that entice existing and new customers has seen end-to-end digitalization practices creep across the B2B enterprise. Companies report that 55% of their organization is now ‘digital’ and that automation practices incorporate both the supply chain (54%) and demand chain (52%).

Digitalization has certainly revolutionized sales operations for 99% of respondents’ organizations surveyed. Half (50%) report digital has made sales more cost-effective while 48% say the sales process is more efficient.

But these aren’t the only benefits being reported:

  • 43% are successfully selling to customers that would not buy from them before
  • Over one-third (36%) report they’ve been able to expand globally at lower risk
  • 44% are generating more total sales - and more sales per representative
  • 40% are leveraging digital B2B channels to persuade existing customers to purchase more items across more product categories.

Respondents report digitalization is resulting in more cross-linked processes within their organization and beyond, as supply chains are reinvented in order to respond more dynamically to customers and market opportunities. For some, this pursuit of a truly ‘synaptic commerce’ landscape is seen as key to adapting, thriving and surviving in today’s fast evolving and highly competitive digital era.

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