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The designer of Kodak's first digital camera once spoke about his company's reluctance to embrace digital technology many years ago. “They were convinced no one would want to look at pictures on a television set,” says Steve Sasson. “Print had been with us for over 100 years, no one was complaining about prints, they were inexpensive, so...”

Of course, the Kodak executives were right that no one would be interested in looking at pictures on their TVs. But what they didn't grasp was the coming screen revolution, with everyone carrying a smart phone and the ability to call up millions of digital pictures and videos on command, anywhere. Often the best technology can be disregarded without the vision for what it can be or become.

The ideal e-commerce platform is one that meets the needs of your business now, but also enables future innovation and advancement. It rapidly deploys and has the ability to continuously adapt and learn from each customer who visits. To make the most of it, Intershop recommends starting small and adding features, functionality and catalogs as you're ready, relying on feedback from customers and employees to tweak and improve the system. As we stated many times: “Think big, start small. Test fast and learn rapidly”.

Just as critical as the platform itself is the need to have a vendor partner that understands where your commerce needs to go. A solid strategy developed with the right measures in place will provide the insights necessary to take full advantage of the best technical solutions for your business, allowing an ongoing vision for growth. And the best technical solutions solve business problems, creating possibilities and avenues for growth.

The fact is that going it alone in e-commerce can be dangerous. You run the risk of bringing on limited systems that may not work well with the scaled-up business you have planned in the near future. The value of an e-commerce vendor like Intershop is that your technology will support your business, drive your strategy and stay well ahead of your future goals.