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The Nordics are a very interesting region when it comes to digital commerce solutions, both in terms of innovation and people. Today, we speak with our Nordics expert Mauro Boffardi and one of our latest partners in the region: Magnus Alzén from Top of Minds Go.

Top of Minds Go is one of Intershop’s partners in the Nordics region. The Swedish company offers specialist services in many different areas as Business Intelligence, integration platforms and e-commerce. 

ISH: What can Top Of Minds learn from Intershop and what can we learn from you?

Magnus: I know that Intershop has a very stable and flexible commerce solution suited for both B2C and B2B customers. I also know Intershop is the market leader in B2B Commerce and Customer Portal solutions. At Top of Minds Go we will leverage this technology in combining it with for instance integration platforms or Business Intelligence in our sister companies at Top of Minds.

Mauro: Surely Top Of Minds can bring a fresh point of view to look at the needs of our customers. Their experience in information intelligence can ensure a data-driven approach that will make projects more structured, effective and sharp.

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ISH: How did you two meet? What sparked your interest in the first place?

Mauro: I worked with Magnus Alzén for more than 10 years, most recently at Accenture Interactive. We went through a lot of success stories and challenges together, and personally, there were many synergies. Our different personalities and culture made us complementary and were fertile ground for new ideas. We both share a long history of Intershop implementations, and I am really thrilled to scale this personal partnership and friendship to a partnership between our companies. 

Magnus: I was always impressed by Mauro’s understanding of complex IT architectures and how easily he managed the Intershop installations for our customers. So I am very much looking forward to continuing to work both in projects and business opportunities with him. I see this as a restart for our friendship and partnership and I’m really looking forward to the next months.

ISH: What kind of company could profit from the joint offering?

Magnus: At Top of Minds Go we profit from having senior specialists who have long experience in e-commerce implementations. Intershop is a perfect platform for both big companies and smaller companies which want to grow. With the new cloud-based Commerce Solution from Intershop it’s easy to start small and scale over time. We will combine our agile working methods at Top of Minds Go with technical expertise and great focus on our customers.

ISH: What are the plans to deepen your new relationship? Are there any activities planned already?

Mauro: We are not wasting time, we are already addressing the first opportunities together. I cannot disclose much at the moment, but you will definitely hear from us soon!

Magnus: We started to work on new opportunities from day 1 and I think there are a lot of different companies out there to meet. We will also look at our combined offer to see what’s needed to be sharpened even more. Some examples where I think we should look into more is the B2B commerce market in the Nordics, the Progressive Web App (PWA) from Intershop, the combination of Intershop and marketplaces.

ISH: Is there any specific topic you are focusing on, Magnus?

Magnus: We are starting up the company now so it’s a big focus on recruiting right now. We want to attract the best senior people on the market. In combination with this, we take care of our current clients and want to meet new ones.

ISH: Mauro, why is it important to work with partners in order to achieve the best B2B commerce solution for companies undergoing digital transformation?

Mauro: Because digital transformation is actually about people. When vendor, partner and customers have a well-established relationship of trust, enthusiasm and share common goals, it is more than halfway to success.

ISH: The ink on our partnership agreement is quite fresh still. Where do you imagine our partnership will have evolved itself at the beginning of 2021?

Mauro: I am sure that we will have expanded our presence in the whole Nordic region with some great brands, and are being recognized as a go-to-partner for e-commerce competence. Maybe raising a glass: skål!

Magnus: Mauro is right and I look forward to toasting together at the headquarters in Jena for a successful collaboration during the first year.

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