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B2BOnlineTeaser-bb135b32 What I’m not going to tell you about B2B commerce

I’m going to be at B2B Online on 7th – 8th December in Amsterdam, and that is really important. Why? Because manufacturing businesses have an ever more desperate need to move into the online world, but seem to be stalling with how and where to start.

So, I’ll be consulting during the show. Looking at how we can audit and evaluate for you, how we can help you model the success of your competitors and peers – and how you can enter the world of e-commerce in a low-risk, affordable and simple way.

Hopefully, this will be a refreshing experience for everyone involved. Because, you must be so weary of people nagging you about the changing world of B2B commerce.

So, I’m not going to bore you with warnings about what your competitors are doing. I’m not going to try and scare you by suggesting that your competitor landscape is changing, and that your biggest business threat will come from a direction you least expect.

I’m absolutely not going to bang on about the customer experience, and how your customers are asking for a different way because they expect the same slick and connected experience from your organisation at work, that they get in their consumer spending lives.

It’s almost redundant for me to point out that many B2B businesses need to become cheaper to do business with. That there needs to be less paperwork and administration, and an ease of reporting and tracking to ensure streamlined costs at all times.

But, let’s not even talk about the integration of back end systems, needing to digitalise, integrate EDIs and update their technology.

I know that you cannot only see the value in e-commerce, but you can probably calculate it to. So, I’ve no intention of trying to drag you kicking and screaming into the world of e-commerce.

What I do know is that often the biggest challenge when making the move is cultural. And it is there, that your choice of commerce partner becomes critical.