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 Today’s customers expect 24/7 access to digital channels and a seamless experience across all touchpoints. This requires the ability to add new functionality, scale capacity, and cope effortlessly with spikes in demand.

The necessary IT is often highly complex and expensive to maintain—which makes it difficult for digital businesses to be as efficient and flexible as they need to be.

Benefits of a Cloud Commerce Solution

A Cloud commerce solution provides this flexibility while significantly reducing complexity. It enables you to incorporate new digital channels more quickly and easily while it facilitates dynamic adaptation to the digital transformation of your markets, customers, and competitors.

BRITA runs Intershop on Azure

Using Cloud commerce, you can shorten the often lengthy process of acquiring and implementing an on-premises e-commerce solution. You can also save time and money by eliminating in-house maintenance and updates. Cloud commerce solutions are not only easy to use, they are automatically maintained and updated by the service provider—with no effort required from you. As a result, you can focus on your core operations without the constant battle to maintain and update complex infrastructure and software in order to avoid it becoming outdated.

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Cloud commerce also frees up capital by replacing leasing or traditional software licensing models with more flexible pay-as-you-go alternatives. In doing so, Cloud commerce shifts a significant proportion of IT costs to operating expenditure, simultaneously reducing the often considerable capital expenditure typically required for software, servers, and server rooms. This shift is particularly valuable today, given the ever-increasing pace at which IT investments are being superseded by new developments in technology. Overall, Cloud commerce makes your company more flexible while enabling savings that allow investment in other areas—like growing your business, for example.

Another key advantage of Cloud commerce is speed of deployment. There is no need to plan, procure, and install your own e-commerce infrastructure. Cloud commerce solutions can be deployed extremely quickly, significantly reducing your time to market.
The latest Cloud commerce solutions feature advanced technology that allows SMEs to enjoy the same functionality as major corporations. The boundaries between mid-sized and large organizations are becoming increasingly blurred, while the cost of digitization is relatively low compared with the resulting utility and benefits. In addition, Cloud commerce supports your own digital transformation and provides investment security.

Cloud Commerce for your business?