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outsource-e-commerce When Should You Outsource Your E-Commerce?

Fast-moving markets, a lack of internal expertise, scarce resources, and pressure from competitors all make it difficult to ensure efficient, profitable management of e-commerce activities. From digital marketing and store management to fulfillment and customer care—neglecting even just one area of your business means losing revenue, creating unhappy customers, and killing your business growth.

Counting on specialists to make a first start into digital commerce is an idea you should evaluate, if one of the following aspects matches your organization:

It’s your first e-commerce project.

E-commerce has long been an essential part of retail, but B2B sectors are still lagging behind. While large manufacturers of consumer and branded goods have been using e-commerce for years, many B2B organizations are only just getting started. These companies face the enormous task of developing their own e-commerce resources from scratch—including the technological and operational expertise required to run a successful online business.

You lack the internal resources.

If you lack the expertise, technology, or other resources required to implement your e-commerce project, the ROI of doing everything yourself will be sky-rocketing. For example, you may be unable to deal with spikes in traffic on your website at certain times of the year. If you don’t have sufficient capacity in-house, we can provide the scalability you need.

You want to expand into new markets or launch new brands or product lines.

If you have amazing plans for growth, you may lack the resources to deliver on your roadmaps and launch schedules. Find a technology vendor that has an extensive network of solutions, partners, and fulfillment specialists. They can help you get to market more quickly and successfully than if you try to do it alone.

You’re having trouble with specific aspects of your e-commerce.

Even if you are running your own fully functional e-commerce platform in-house already, there are certain situations where it’s worth enlisting an external full-service e-commerce provider. For example, when you start migrating to the cloud or want to launch and establish brands in new international markets or improve your handling of specific product lines.

You have a disjointed service architecture.

Over time, businesses may outsource parts of their e-commerce to a range of sales partners and solution providers. Often, this leaves them struggling with incompatible software architectures or totally divergent business applications and managing multiple partner relationships at the same time. All that effort could be used more productively elsewhere.

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