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By now virtually every successful retailer or wholesaler is using cloud-based services to handle their e-commerce platform. It's leveled the playing field for many businesses that are trying to compete with the big names, but it's also opened an entirely new frontier.

The cloud makes the Internet of Things possible because of its ability to connect various smart devices with a company's micro services and do things that we only used to dream of in science fiction. The challenge is to understand which new technology will actually drive business and deliver ROI.

For instance, IoT product management is a reality with Intershop. Using a “Product as a Service” model, businesses have shown that they can take from the success of B2C online car rental services to create innovative B2B operations such as online tool and equipment rentals. Intershop enables the business to readily monitor the smart-chip equipped rental gear, keeping track of its location, use and maintenance needs.

This new approach makes renting more viable since the company renting the equipment doesn't have to worry about the tools used. A smart drill can be sending information about their condition to the company, which can deliver a replacement before something breaks down on the job.

Bringing the touchpoints of smart devices and customer portals together with backend systems like CRM, ERP and artificial intelligence is the heart of what Intershop does. Which probably makes you wonder, what can Intershop do for your business?

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