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I’ve been writing many blogs recently about B2B digitalization – examining the impact of e-commerce, system integration and what this all means for the business and competitor landscape. But who is driving the digital agenda?

In our 2016 e-commerce research report “Taking the fast Track into the Digital Future of B2B Commerce”, almost half the respondents (46%) confirmed tech savvy leaders like the CEO and CIO are spearheading their organization’s digital transformation. But it’s not just senior executives who are driving or communicating the digital vision – responsibility appears to be cascaded across organizations.

Indeed, 40% of organizations say the IT department as a whole is the primary driver of digitalization with a third (33%) saying it’s the non-C-level senior IT team that is accelerating digital adoption.

For others, however, it is senior marketing and sales management (29%) and operations management (25%) – individuals working at the sharp end who need to enable their organization to become more agile fast - who play a leading role.

In terms of identifying which business areas which are embracing digitalization the most, it’s perhaps no surprise that it is the sales department (58%) that is leading the way – with stock management (47%) not far behind.

But digital tools and processes are making an impact across the enterprise; respondents report that operations (44%), customer relations/client services (43%), stock procurement (38%) and supply chain/logistics/fleet management (38%) are all highly digitalized within their organization.

This article is based on a study of 2016. You can download the latest copy of the E-Commerce-Report on our website.