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Interview with Winderman Thompson Commerce and Intershop 10 minutes about Wunderman Thompson Commerce at the Intershop inpulse 2019

We talk with Nils Kijkuit, Director Marketing & Sales, EMEA at Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Intershop inpulse is an event that leverages synergies with our partners. What is your motivation to attend?

I am looking forward to the gathering of great customers, partners and to getting inspired with great achievements that are made possible by Intershop’s technology.

Which insights can visitors expect from you?

Being global Intershop Platinum Partner we know like no other how to run commerce operations at scale, both in B2B and B2C – by deploying Intershop based commerce platforms. At Wunderman Thompson Commerce we tend to focus on large national and global Intershop users, be it big supermarkets like Jumbo and Plus, B2C companies like Shark Ninja and Alko or large B2B operations like Bunzl and Xerox. We are able to apply our learnings and experiences to companies that need to scale up their commerce efforts.

What is your key message visitors should bring home?

Intershop is not just an option for B2B businesses as we have proven over and over again. Many of our customers run successful B2C operations on Intershop technology, including Xerox, Alko, Plus Retail, Jumbo Supermarkten and Shark Ninja!

“Voice will rule commerce” – do you agree or disagree? Which future trend do you see as essential?

Voice will be one of the touchpoints for commerce, and a very important one. However, for the near future, voice will be specifically relevant for reordering products, and to a lesser extent, for inspirational driven commerce.

But there will be other touchpoints as well, think about Commerce of Things (CoT) as part of what we call Programmatic Commerce that will change customer journeys in both B2B and B2C – as we are used to right now. It’s not just the iPhone or Amazon Echo but also your fridge, coffee machine or the silo on a farm that will order products on behalf of you – before you run out of milk, coffee or cow food.

See you at #ISHinpulse2019:

"How to create a responsible omnichannel customer experience in a regulated market" (Track 1)

In contrast to many other web shops, Alko focuses on improving the customer experience and on responsible sales of alcohol – and not on maximizing revenue. A responsible way of operating requires some unique features to the site and omnichannel processes as well. At inpulse 2019, hear all about this unique business scenario by:

Antti Ala-Nikula, eCommerce Manager, Alko Oy
Nils Kijkuit, Head of Commerce Products, Wunderman Thompson Commerce