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Customer satisfaction doesn't require personal contact. Here are 7 tipps to improve your B2B web shop. 7 tips for perfect customer service with a B2B web shop

In times of uncertainty, it is important to be sensible, to act transparently and to take the relationship with your customers to a new (digital) level. I have collected tips on how you can react to the changing buying behavior with the use of a B2B web shop.

The corona virus will change society forever. At the moment, the health of everyone is at the center of attention and I hope that mindfulness, sustainability and solidarity will remain important issues in the coming months and beyond.

Digitized customer loyalty in B2B

In addition to the health of their employees, B2B companies have to cope with interruptions in the supply chain, but also with maintaining the trust of their customers - and not least their business continuity.

Those who have already established a digital channel as a second line of business can be happy. However, a website can be more than just a shop. These days it is clear that an online offering can be the cornerstone of customer loyalty - thanks to 24x7 access to information and services on a customer portal.

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Make your B2B portal fit for increased online business

These 7 tips have been beneficial to our customers to digitally improve their customer loyalty:

  1. Make your website the main source of information

Take the uncertainty from your customers by putting all information concerning business operations on the start page of your website. Especially important is information about changes in previously established processes - such as delivery times, availability of goods or payment methods.

  1. Check and expand contact possibilities

Contact can take many forms and differ for your individual customer contact points. Your shop is closed, but products can still be picked up? You have to shut down your production, but for certain products everything remains the same? Provide transparent information about the changes on your website. Also check that all telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are up to date. Perhaps create an FAQ section for frequently asked questions or create social media channels where you can react on the most important issues quickly and transparently - then your customer experience won’t suffer.

  1. Replace personal consultations with video conferencing

Good advice means being able to respond precisely to the wishes and needs of the other person. This does not necessarily require a handshake. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by modern software solutions and schedule appointments virtually, or at least by telephone.

  1. Check product information

Your online shop should also be taken into review in the current situation. Carefully check if all product information is correct, or if maybe certain catalogs should be made available to other customer segments, or if all product alternatives are tagged as such in case certain articles are sold out or no longer available.

  1. Make it clear if items are not available

Make non-available items clearly identifiable. In the text, but preferably also by additionally adapting the product image. In a DAM, you can quickly and easily perform such temporary image editing for all product images (and automatically adjust them for mobile).

  1. Adjust delivery times

Consult your logistic providers regularly and adjust the delivery times of your products instantly, preferably "in real time" to the new conditions. If there are major changes or a change of supplier, inform your customers as quickly as possible: via the website, by e-mail, social media or with a call from the account manager.

  1. Revise offered payment methods

Make a plausibility check of your offered payment methods. If usual methods of payment, such as paying cash on delivery, are no longer possible, your web shop should reflect this.

The Corona crisis shows us very clearly that we must not lose any time in the digitization of our global industrial landscape. Do you have any questions about e-commerce, customer portals or digitization? Our experts are here for you!

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