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In this blog article, we already introduced your new e-commerce sidekick- Intershop Copilot, a game-changing technology that's set to revolutionize the world of e-commerce management. But what can this innovative tool do, and what technology powers it? Let's dive into the incredible capabilities of Copilot and the technological marvel behind it.



A closer look at Intershop Copilot's capabilities

AI integration with BI Data Hub and Intershop Commerce Management APIs

At the heart of Copilot's capabilities is its seamless integration with the BI Data Hub and Intershop Commerce Management APIs. This integration enables real-time access to critical business data, empowering e-commerce managers with up-to-the-minute insights for informed decision-making. Copilot becomes a trusted ally, delivering actionable insights at the speed of business.

Chromium extension compatibility

Implemented as a Chromium extension, Copilot ensures broad compatibility across browsers like Edge and Chrome. This extension not only facilitates easy deployment but also actively interacts with the browser. Opening new tabs, checking Power Bi reports, and offering recommendations, Copilot becomes an integral part of the e-commerce manager's workflow, enhancing accessibility and user convenience.

Browser interaction capabilities

The Copilot's ability to actively interact with the browser sets it apart. It opens new tabs, navigates through web pages, and facilitates seamless exploration of data and reports. This feature enhances the user experience, allowing e-commerce managers to perform actions directly within their browser environment. Copilot becomes a virtual assistant, streamlining tasks and improving overall efficiency.

Backend operations management

Beyond data analysis, Copilot extends its reach to backend operations. E-commerce managers can instruct it to make changes in the backend effortlessly. From adjusting product prices to managing promotions within the Intershop Commerce Management interface, Copilot streamlines critical business processes. This capability ensures that e-commerce managers have full control over the operational aspects of their online business.

Full control of front-end operations

Copilot not only excels in backend operations but also provides full control over front-end experiences. E-commerce managers can interact with their websites as if they were physically present. From exploring products to adjusting prices, Copilot handles the technical intricacies, allowing managers to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Infinite customization possibilities

More than just a tool, Copilot is a limitless platform for innovation. Organizations can tailor it to their specific requirements, incorporating additional functions, APIs, and databases to expand its capabilities. This flexibility ensures that Copilot evolves alongside the ever-changing needs of the e-commerce landscape.


The technology driving Copilot: Microsoft Azure and OpenAI's GPT

Copilot's transformative capabilities are powered by the combined forces of Microsoft Azure and OpenAI's advanced GPT technology. Microsoft Azure provides a robust foundation, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security. OpenAI's GPT technology enhances Copilot's ability to understand and generate human-like responses, providing accurate information and assisting with various tasks in the e-commerce domain.

This integration goes beyond conventional AI tools, resulting in a cutting-edge solution that seamlessly blends artificial intelligence and e-commerce expertise. Copilot becomes not just a tool but a dynamic and intelligent companion, offering a glimpse into the future of e-commerce management.


Embracing the future of e-commerce with Intershop Copilot

In conclusion, Intershop Copilot is not merely an AI assistant; it's a revolutionary force designed to empower e-commerce managers in their daily tasks. With its integration of Microsoft Azure and OpenAI's GPT technology, Copilot promises to be a game-changer in the world of B2B e-commerce. As businesses strive for excellence, innovation, and sustainability, Copilot emerges as a key ally, providing the skills and tools needed to guarantee profitability and success in the complex, ever-changing global e-commerce scenario.

The future belongs to those committed to excellence, and Intershop Copilot stands at the forefront, ready to redefine the e-commerce landscape. Embrace the opportunity to propel your B2B brand to the forefront of success with the ultimate AI assistance. Request a demo and witness the transformative power of Intershop Copilot in action.

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