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A customer portal focuses on the needs of a B2B buyer. Focusing the customer with an API-oriented architecture

Customer centricity goes beyond good service and needs an IT architecture that supports it.Traditional commerce solutions mainly focus on the phases “Discover”, “Explore” and “Buy”. In B2B, where you have a lot more recurring business, the phases “Use”, “Ask” and “Engage” are critical and therefore need to be supported by the commerce architecture. The transactional (or e-commerce) part still plays a crucial role, but becomes more and more integrated into a unified experience - the digital customer portal:


To achieve such a customer-centric experience, architectural refinement is necessary - leading us to the Intershop API-oriented architecture. It transforms siloed e-commerce initiatives to a more integrated approach that covers the whole customer journey. It natively supports multiple front-ends or touchpoints and allows for leveraging the API-economy. Ideally, the Intershop Progressive Web App (PWA) provides a mobile-friendly front-end.

Read more about our API-oriented architecture, customer centricity and our DevOps set up for continuous software delivery, reduced complexity and faster innovations from a technical perspective:

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