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What potentials lie in digital B2B commerce? How can your B2B commerce improve customer satisfaction?

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Digital commerce today is more than just a "nice accessory" - it enables you to retain your customers, improve their satisfaction, expand sales with up- and cross-selling, attract new customers and reduce your cost per transaction. A customer portal offers the agility to easily respond to customer needs or marketing challenges - while providing a 360° view of your customers.

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While B2C personalization is aimed at driving sales by making the customer add more items to the shopping basket, often by “impulse buys”, B2B personalization must be more sophisticated. It is unlikely a B2B customer will engage in a procurement process on impulse. Instead, B2B personalization must create value and efficiency for the user.

It is also important to understand that manufacturers and wholesalers – but their clients, too – are continuously developing themselves through stages of digital maturity. So don’t select a commerce platform where you grow beyond their capabilities soon. The real challenge is not starting, it is taking the next step continuously.


First step organizations take is providing a digital information portal, in which customers have access to digitized product information and find a nearby seller.

This can be evolved into an information and order portal, with basic shopping functionality to increase margins. But the real customer focus will be established by a personalized one-stop-shop, supporting them to find only relevant products quickly, manage order templates and subscriptions of consumables. Of course, new (self) services find their place here too, to combine all aspects of a customer lifecycle.

So ask yourself: Where do I stand and what approach and business requirements should I take into account to support every next step we take in our digital ambition? Do I use all the potential that B2B commerce offers, without outgrowing the capabilities of the commerce platform?

I developed a practical checklist with all the potentials of digitized B2B  to help you prepare for making the right decision and achieve full customer focus and with it a future-proof and smart digital future.

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