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Your hot spot for insights in technology and market trends of digital sales.
Take it from here if digital commerce is your mission, too.
Digital sales will support your field sales team! How to your make your sales guy happy: higher profit with less work!

Digital sales will not threaten the traditional sales channels. When done right, your account managers will become more successful, leading to even more happy customers, higher revenue and more profit.

Digital sales and services will support your account managers on three levels to save time and increase effectiveness:

  1. product information
  2. customer information
  3. everyday sales work

Let’s take a look at the different angles in detail:

1- Digital commerce provides information about products

With digital sales, everyone has detailed and easily searchable product information at hand. Due to centralized maintenance, product information is always up to date – so working with outdated printed material is history!

Digital product information can be detailed specifications, technical documentation, technical drawings, Hi-res images and multimedia content. But that’s not all. Modern sales departments support their clients with self-service digital configurators, making sure to meet all their need without mistakes. This way, they request only what can be delivered. They even know when it will be ready since data on availability can easily be included in the digital configuration.

If the commerce system stores information on the installed base of the customer, the sales rep can configure push notifications for new products, additional consumables or relevant services. And in after-sales, perfectly fitting cross- and up-sell possibilities can be found in an instant – or even replacements with spare parts for certain products, to remain flexible.

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2. A connected customer portal contains information about customers

E-Commerce systems, especially those that make use of all available customer data (so connected to a CRM), provide direct access to customer specific prices and conditions, which reduces the cost per customer while also increasing their trust! Knowing the buyer well facilitates business development by proposing new products, identifying up- and cross-sell potentials as well as negotiating agreements that are perfect to increase customer loyalty.

Knowledge of buying behavior is also:

  • the base for increasing individual sales volumes and up- and cross sell opportunities
  • supporting proactive offerings which prove to have a higher conversion or better margin
  • beneficial for better product recommendations
  • enabling the sales rep to recognize changes in order patterns – which could prevent the loss of business to competitors


3. How digital sales simplifies everyday work

In a customer portal, your sales guys and your customers have access to real-time updates on the status of previous quotes, orders, or deliveries, which means your central office can solve more pressing matters than answering those recurring questions. And thinking of other self-services: When customers handle their account management themselves, errors are reduced. 

A digital commerce solution supports multiple touchpoints, too. Field sales apps shorten the decision-making process and leave room for consulting of more complex matters: improvements, novelties or process optimizations.

Connect your customer and service portal to even more functionalities, and your sales representatives can benefit from:

    • Access to sales statistics where it is possible to see if sales are on target and detect customers which offer higher margins
    • Organization of routes
    • A reminder of customer visit frequency
    • Efficient and structured communication channels with the customers

Are you interested in how a digital customer portal for machine owners and machine distributors can become reality? Watch this webinar and you will know:

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