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E-commerce management is a challenging landscape that demands precision, agility, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics. In this quest, Intershop Copilot is emerging as a transformative force, designed to be the trusted partner for e-commerce managers. We are talking to Nils Breitmann, Principal Enterprise Architect at Intershop, about Intershop Copilot and why it is a game-changer for e-commerce professionals.

1. Who is Intershop Copilot designed for?

2. How can the generative AI solution assist e-commerce managers?

3. But what exactly is the technology behind the tool?

4. All in all, what makes Intershop Copilot invaluable?


Q1: Nils, who is Intershop Copilot designed for?

Intershop Copilot was originally designed for e-commerce managers working with the Intershop Commerce Platform. These professionals play a critical role in ensuring that e-commerce businesses run smoothly. They need to stay on top of everything from monitoring performance to making data-driven decisions and optimizing the customer experience.

Our latest technology was created in response to this pressing need. Utilizing the combined power of OpenAI's GPT technology accessible through Microsoft's cloud platform Azure, it stands as an AI-powered virtual assistant that is seamlessly integrated into e-commerce operations. This innovative tool serves as an invaluable resource that can not only answer critical questions about business performance and make proactive suggestions, but also implement them directly into your platform to improve the overall e-commerce experience. As a result, our AI chatbot is useful not only for e-commerce managers, but for anyone involved in the B2B e-commerce journey.

Q2: How can the generative AI solution assist e-commerce managers?

In the dynamic and data-driven landscape of B2B e-commerce, Intershop Copilot serves as a guide for e-commerce managers and provides invaluable support. Leveraging real-time data access through the BI Data Hub and Intershop Commerce Platform APIs, the AI technology enables informed decision-making in a rapidly changing environment.

What sets Intershop Copilot apart from conventional virtual assistants is its proactive nature. More than just an information provider, the versatile tool is designed to enhance e-commerce management. By seamlessly connecting to the BI Data Hub and Intershop Commerce Platform APIs, Intershop Copilot ensures that the data it delivers is not only real-time, but also accurate and actionable. It will propose actions to take based on that data and supports you in realizing them. When performing those actions, it saves you tons of clicks and makes your life a whole lot easier. Is business not going so well today? Adjust product prices or add new promotions, including marketing initiatives like putting new banners on your front page with just a few prompts.

Intershop Copilot's accessibility is universal, seamlessly integrating with popular browsers such as Edge and Chrome. However, its true distinction lies in its active interaction with the browser environment. With the ability to open new tabs, the virtual assistant simplifies tasks such as reviewing Microsoft Power BI reports and identifying top performing products, greatly enhancing the user experience. Simply click on the Intershop Copilot icon in your tool bar, a side panel will open up on the right-hand side of your browser and you can start typing right away.

Beyond data analysis, the AI technology extends its capabilities to front-end websites. Here, it allows e-commerce managers to effortlessly make price adjustments, add promotions including content such as banners, and make back-end changes. This comprehensive reach ensures that Intershop Copilot becomes an indispensable companion, not only providing insights, but actively facilitating tasks and increasing the overall efficiency of e-commerce operations.

Q3: But what exactly is the technology behind the tool?

At the core of Intershop Copilot's transformative capabilities is the seamless integration of OpenAI's advanced GPT technology through Microsoft's cloud platform Azure. Microsoft Azure is the foundation that ensures scalability, reliability, and security. This cloud computing platform enables Intershop Copilot to efficiently handle the dynamic and data-driven nature of e-commerce operations. Delivered via Azure OpenAI Service, OpenAI's GPT foundation models complement this, enabling the tool with natural language capabilities, to provide accurate information and assist with various e-commerce tasks.

Real-time data access with Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure plays a key role in Intershop Copilot's real-time data access through the BI Data Hub, which is based on Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Intershop Commerce Management APIs. This integration empowers e-commerce managers with up-to-the-minute insights for informed decision making, making our AI assistant a trusted ally that operates at the speed of business.

Chromium extension compatibility for seamless browsing: Implemented as a Chromium extension, Intershop Copilot ensures compatibility with popular browsers such as Edge and Chrome. This integration actively enhances the browser experience, allowing the AI technology to open new tabs, review Power BI reports, and make recommendations. This feature becomes an integral part of the e-commerce manager's workflow, increasing accessibility and ease of use.

Backend and frontend operations management: Intershop Copilot's reach extends beyond data analysis, allowing e-commerce managers to easily direct it to perform back-end operations. This includes adjusting product prices or managing promotions within the Intershop Commerce Management interface, giving managers full control. On the front end, it provides complete control over the user experience, allowing managers to interact with sites through chat dialogues.

Infinite Customization with Microsoft Azure and Azure OpenAI Service: More than a tool, Intershop Copilot offers infinite customization possibilities powered by Microsoft Azure and Azure OpenAI Service. Organizations can tailor it to their specific needs and integrate additional features, APIs, and databases to extend its capabilities. This flexible integration ensures that the AI solution evolves with the ever-changing needs of the e-commerce landscape.

Q4: All in all, what makes Intershop Copilot invaluable?

What makes the tool so invaluable is its transformative impact on the daily challenges faced by e-commerce managers. In addressing the demanding nature of their roles, Intershop Copilot stands out by providing real-time data, empowering managers to make proactive decisions, and offering seamless interaction with both front-end and back-end systems.

Intershop Copilot goes beyond being a mere technological tool; it becomes a strategic partner in driving e-commerce success. Its unprecedented capabilities and unparalleled integration streamline tasks, boost efficiency, and ultimately support e-commerce managers in excelling amidst the ever-changing dynamics of online retail.

Let’s talk straight: In my experience, the people who use our platform can be very busy, so small tasks are easily overlooked. In addition, they may not have received extensive training in the application yet and can be only moderately knowledgeable. They are therefore very grateful when things, most of all the tedious daily tasks, are done simply and efficiently.

Thank you for your insights, Nils! As we step into the present, Intershop Copilot represents a tangible and compelling opportunity for autonomous commerce. This comprehensive access transforms the generative AI solution from a mere tool to an indispensable partner in daily operations. Mastering this tool not only ensures the profitability of B2B brands, but also their survivability in the complex and ever-changing global scenario. To learn more about how to tackle this brave new world, we recommend you read our Digital Trends Report 2024.

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